Serving a corporate population in the thousands and even the tens of thousands takes some American Ingenuity

In 2016, a Fortune 500 technology-centric company began reengineering the way they use IT to serve their employees. Their company had grown dramatically from thousands of employees by the end of 2010 to tens of thousands of employees by 2019. Serving a corporate population that large takes some American Ingenuity. And of course, that means American Locker. Here’s why.

Lockers are a great way to safely and securely store an item. You might think of school lockers or gym lockers as an obvious application. But for more than 100 years, American Locker has been applying technology to lockers, making them more useful to companies and the individuals they serve.

This technology-centric corporation thrives on technological innovation. They developed an initiative that was engineered, among other things, to replace their use of external technologies by bringing those technologies inhouse to create a robust internal IT tool kit. Because of their technology-centric corporate culture, they had the benefit of a talent pool that could support that initiative.

As this initiative was applied to serving over 30,000 employees, their team turned to American Locker to help implement their vision. Lockers had become an integral piece of their puzzle.

What made them consider lockers? Today, the applications for lockers are as varied as the people they serve. We make lockers that charge laptops and cellphones. Consumers that order items from online retailers can pick up their products from our lockers using a self-serve kiosk. The law enforcement community uses our lockers to store and manage evidence. Dry cleaners use our lockers to give their customers 24/7 access to picking up and dropping off their clothes. We make lockers that protect people’s personal items from harsh elements at ski resorts and waterparks. Our keyless lockers give guests the freedom to rent a locker and walk away empty-handed. Kiosks and software give managers great flexibility in providing services and their guests great advantages when it comes to using the lockers in ways that individually suit them the best.

For this technology-centric corporation, their flexible locker solution began with the company’s Asset Store. Thanks to their engineering team, this corporation now provides employees with access to a self-service portal through their Asset Store that lets them conveniently request phones, laptops, and other accessories as needed, without having to wait for approval. Chargers, for example, are easily misplaced or lost completely. When employees require a replacement or need to start testing work on a different mobile device, they turn to the Asset Store. The overall experience is a lot like shopping at an online retailer versus using an enterprise asset management system. The Asset Store tells their employees where a device is available, so they can pick it up on their own.

And this is where the lockers come in. By installing American Locker’s Advanced Line Electronic Asset Management Lockers in strategic locations all around the technology-centric corporate campus, employees can go to the location that’s most convenient to them to check out the technology they need.

At these smart lockers, employees just scan their badge, choose their device, and once the appropriate door has opened, pick up the phone, tablet, laptop, or VR device they were looking for and move on. When they are finished with it, they return and check the device back in. No questions asked.

Nowadays, with so many new employees, the engineering team has automated most of the company’s onboarding process as well as the employee provisioning systems — and that includes managing the supply chain that guarantees the laptops and phones for these new employees are available and accessible.

The Electronic Asset Management Solution empowers employees. Much of that empowerment is the result of their access to American Locker’s lockers. Today, this technology-centric corporation’s employees face far less friction when they first join the company, for example, or when they need to replace a broken laptop, get a new phone to test features, or simply order a new monitor for their desk. Thanks in part to American Locker’s kiosk, self-service technologies, and flexible backend software solutions, this technology-centric corporation is able to easily merge their Enterprise Supply Chain technologies with American Locker’s advanced security solutions.

It’s our commitment to innovation and technological advancement that has been driving our security solutions for over 120 years. The companies we serve are not just customers, they’re partners in the evolution of this technological advancement. And that’s just one more example of American Ingenuity at work.

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