The Ultimate Guide to Smart Lockers in 2022

The technological edge that smart locker systems today are being built with has completely revolutionized the parcel management business. Whether it’s receiving the package, providing it with a suitable and appropriate storage environment, or notifying the recipient of its safe, secure, and sound collection, smart lockers are smoothly functioning on their own.

Thus, it would be fair to say that the entire parcel management process today with the help of smart lockers has become a completely self-reliant automatic operation.

This article covers some important aspects of how smart lockers are helping automate the entire parcel management process at several places due to their advanced technological solutions.

What are smart parcel lockers? – An introduction

Although smart lockers have almost the same exterior look as their predecessor traditional lockers, they aren’t the same.

Smart lockers are built with cutting-edge technological advancements and innovation that are capable of entirely automating the package management process.

Their complete automated solutions from parcel receiving to their safe and sound retrieval and everything in between have made them a preference at many places.

Today, many locations with a daily large influx of packages and parcel deliveries are increasingly relying on adopting smart parcel locker systems to manage their workload both effectively and efficiently. Some examples of these locations include –

  • large apartment units and housing complexes,
  • schools, universities, and colleges,
  • retail stores and outlets, and
  • office buildings and other workplaces, etc.

How do couriers drop off packages in lockers? Do I need to be there to give them access?

Smart parcel lockers operate to receive and retrieve packages and parcel deliveries on their own. This is one of the core benefits of smart parcel lockers which enables solutions like contactless delivery.

As for how couriers drop off packages in the smart lockers, it is quite easy to understand.

To unlock a smart parcel locker for package placement and retrieval both, smart parcel lockers require entering a pre-set PIN code or scanning a code such as a QR code or Barcode.

For parcel placement, the courier person can choose on their own or enter the key variables such as weight, nature of items in the package, and dimensions for the smart locker management software to itself select from its database and automatically open the appropriate kind of locker in the smart locker facility.

And for all the above to happen, you certainly need not be present at the smart locker system facility.

How do package recipients retrieve items from the locker?

Unless otherwise required, most smart locker facilities operate on a 24/7/365 basis. This means that once your parcel arrives at it, it is upon your convenience when to retrieve it.

But how do you know that your parcel has arrived and at which smart parcel facility? Well, this too is simple.

Once a parcel arrives with your name at a particular smart locker system facility, the electric locker management software will either send a text or an app notification or both on your smartphone.

This way you know where to head to retrieve your package.

What happens if someone leaves a package in the locker for too long?

Each locker in a smart locker system facility has a built-in sensor that is monitoring its usage and availability status. If a parcel stays in for too long or beyond the initial time limit set by the smart locker system provider for package retrieval, the smart parcel system management software will again send a notification via text or app to the recipient.