Top Reasons to Adopt Smart Lockers for Asset Management

In recent years, many workplace dynamics, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and protocols have evolved and completely transformed. Today, the way things move, and tasks get done rapidly is amazing. Unquestionably, it is something many would have possibly not anticipated even just a few years back.

For instance, consider one of the most heavily relied on technologically advanced and innovative solutions for safe custody and distribution of assets and packages in any organization – that is Smart lockers for packages and asset management.

Intelligent lockers and electronic storage lockers due to their vast applicability and capability to serve several operations are becoming increasingly popular in many workplaces and organizations.

No matter what your organization size or business volume is, you can take advantage of this wonderful innovative solution. Besides adding effectiveness and efficiency to your organization’s normal workflow procedures, intelligent lockers can certainly do more. They can help set better future objectives as well as enable you to achieve them.

In this article, we cover an extensive account of how smart lockers for packages enable organizations to accomplish all of this.

How do smart lockers transform parcel and asset management?

Here are a few ways in which smart lockers are transforming parcel and asset management –

1 # Smart way to store belongings: manage and track assets and equipment

Smart lockers for packages and asset lockers help stow belongings as well as manage and track assets and equipment. Employees can safely and securely place their unneeded personal belongings in a smart locker facility at their workplace. This not just helps reduce desk clutter but also helps employees stay focused on their tasks at hand rather than worrying about their valuables getting stolen.

Similarly, organizations that need to issue expensive and sophisticated equipment to employees on a daily or project-based needs basis such as laptops, data storage devices, scanners, etc. can use asset lockers to distribute these expensive and classified equipment to authorized personnel only. Further, these electronic storage lockers can also track back the personnel who have been issued such equipment and whether they have returned it or not at the end of the day or project completion.

2 # Improve operations and productivity

As mentioned in the previous section, smart lockers can safely and securely store belongings as well as manage and track assets and equipment in a number of ways and for multiple organizations. With an automatic and self-controlled environment of the smart locker facility in any workplace or organization, chances of errors and mistakes are considerably minimum.

Thus, this overall helps improve existing operations as well as increase productivity.

3 # Reduce loss, theft, and unauthorized use

Smart lockers not only reduce but also prevent the occurrence of equipment losses, theft, and even unauthorized use of the intelligent locker facility. This is possible for a few reasons –

  • Only authorized persons have access to the smart locker facility.
  • Intelligent locker system automatically keeps a usage record log, which helps track details of each transaction as well as any suspicious ones.
  • If needed, even persons with authorized access to the locker facility can be temporarily denied access to it.

4 # Gain actionable insights

Since the smart locker systems generate a usage log for each individual use, a comprehensive amount of data is constantly being generated. This data can provide insights and analytical observations to determine the future course of action as well as identify any current procedural errors.

Based on this, organizations can figure out seasonal or project-based equipment usage trends and any problems such as unusual delays, etc.

5 # Stay secure and compliant

For organizations dealing with sophisticated, and/or classified equipment and substances, smart lockers can help follow correct regulatory compliances and prescribed methods for their issue, use, and return.

This can further help prevent unauthorized access to such classified equipment and substances as well as keep a record of each transaction for regulatory purposes.

6 # Empower hybrid work environments

Electronic storage lockers promote and support hybrid work environments as well. Since the employees in hybrid workplaces are free to move and work from any place or location they like, having a lot of unneeded stuff on hand can limit their movement.

But with a smart locker for packages installed, employees can safely and securely keep all the unwanted material in their locker while carrying only the much-needed important equipment with them.

What to look for in a smart locker partner?

When selecting a smart locker partner, always consider the following key aspects –

  • Reliability in terms of their smartness level such as multiple locking unlocking options, ventilation, durability, and strength of the material used, easy to clean or not, temperature control functionality, impact resistance, and clear high-impact polycarbonate doors, etc.
  • Depending on the need of your organization, the smart locker you choose should be easy to customize with options and features that are as per your organization’s specific needs.
  • Content surveillance feature to constantly check the health and quality of the equipment stored in the locker.
  • Strength of the authentication panel and multi-step authentication requirements to counter theft, and unauthorized access. Further, it should also be able to detect and alert in case of any unauthorized attempts.
  • Smart locker management software should be easy to use and built with self-controlling features to reduce human interference.

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