How to Limit Employee Contact: Streamline Package Delivery in the Workplace

The use of smart locker systems and parcel delivery lockers has proved to be an essential component in every workplace and office during the recent time. Especially now that people are returning to their pre-pandemic routine lifestyle and offices and workplaces are reopening, electronic storage lockers and intelligent lockers are becoming increasingly popular and integral to these places.

This article discusses how streamlining package delivery in the workplace can limit as well as eliminate any unnecessary employee contact to curb potential exposure to Covid-19.

Impact of Covid-19 on the workplace

Parcel deliveries gained major traction during the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly because of the growing online shopping trend. And now that offices and workplaces are returning to their normal working schedules, they too are adding tremendous amounts to this volume.

However, package delivery tends to have a cost, something we realized in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The unnecessary person-to-person interaction involved in package delivery can expose individuals to Covid-19. And considering the number of package deliveries that occur daily today, this overall significantly increases the risks of exposure to Covid-19.

To counter this issue, CDC guidelines recommend adopting contactless package delivery protocols, at least when possible. As a result, smart locker systems and electronic storage lockers have therefore become massively popular.

Benefits of implementing contactless locker storage systems in the workplace

Besides helping promote the social distancing and minimum physical interaction protocols of the pandemic, intelligent lockers offer other applications as well.

Employees can safely and securely store their personal belongings as well as unneeded work-related stuff in a private locker without any worries. Similarly, smart lockers also help issue and take back custody of important and expensive equipment on a daily or project-need basis. Electronic storage lockers also facilitate receiving and disbursement of parcels and packages on a 24/7 basis.

Here are some other benefits of implementing contactless locker storage systems in the workplace.

1 # Security

Parcel delivery lockers provide better security options in terms of their make as well as how they operate. Apart from being built with heavy-duty and heavily reinforced metal sheets, they also feature automatically generated passcodes which can be changed after each use to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

2 # Convenience

Smart lockers, so far, happen to be the most convenient form of storage lockers available to date. Without requiring any conventional protocol for using traditional lockers such as getting approval, or accessibility during work hours only, intelligent lockers can be conveniently operated by staff as and when needed such as by using smartphone apps.

3 # Contactless

Intelligent lockers operate completely in a contactless environment. This means that they eliminate the need for any physical interaction between any two persons who intend to use it, for example – parcel sender and receiver.

Moreover, intelligent lockers can be operated through a smartphone app which further eliminates the need to operate through any centralized touchscreen panel.

4 # Cleanliness

Intelligent lockers are easy to clean and disinfect when not in use. Further, their cleaning schedules can be pre-set to not allow their reservation during specific hours of the day, on specific days, or after every few days or uses.

5 # Customization

No matter what your business type or need, parcel delivery lockers are available to cater to your specific business requirements. Be it color, type, material, temperature control, size, or operating methods, intelligent lockers can be custom-built to resemble your business identity and fulfill its exclusive needs.

6 # Space saving

Do not have a designated space in your office for assigning to a smart locker system facility – no issues at all. Intelligent locker and parcel delivery lockers can easily be placed in hallways and lobby areas for easy access and space-saving.

7 # Saves time

Gone are the days when locker storage facilities required designated personnel and staff members to facilitate and oversee their usage. Smart locker systems work automatically in a self-controlled environment and keep track of everything.

8 # Tech powered

No need to upgrade or change your workplace’s old systems and technology to install a smart locker system. Modern intelligent lockers and package delivery systems can easily integrate and merge with older and third-party software, technology, and systems.

9 # Automated

All features in smart locker systems work independently in a fully automatic environment. From keeping usage logs to sending text, email, and app notifications to package recipients to sensors that monitor their availability and maintenance issues, everything is automatically done in real-time.

10 # Flexible

Technological advancements are a routine nowadays. Therefore, what is the latest today may well be outdated tomorrow. However, not all technology works this way.

Smart locker systems are built to last and adapt to changing workplace dynamics and day-to-day needs. They can also be set to adjust for any specific project requirements and then return to the normal routine after the project is complete.