Many gun owners and firearm enthusiasts often question and get caught up in debates related to gun security. In this article we explore reasons as to why gun lockers are indeed a necessity and address some basic questions to help introduce you to the importance of gun locker security.  

According to USA Today, just in January alone, a staggering 4.1-million-gun sales were recorded in the United States. Compared to the annual firearms sale’s figures of 2020, which reported a total of 40-million-gun sales, this is almost ten percent of the total sales recorded in a single month.  

The hike in gun sales in 2021 raises deep concerns that guns will be circulating throughout the United States without proper security or knowledge of use.   More than half of the people owning guns in the United States have at least one piece of firearm always in an unlocked condition according to a recent study published by Pew Research Center

Based on these analytics, we have put together a list of important questions related to gun locker security that our customers tend query. 

Do I need to lock up my guns? 

The simple answer to this question is ‘Yes, you should’.    A slight misjudgment or a mistake from an unauthorized person could possibly result in a damage that can be far from any kind of repairs. That’s why, if you choose to practice your right as an American to own a firearm, we recommend that you keep it secure, and know your firearm inside and out – clean it, know your safety measures, go to the gun range once a month to practice.  

Why should I lock up your guns? 

Some states require that firearms be kept in a locked condition till the time they are required for use. But even if your state does not specify any such requirements, it is wise to keep your guns locked in a safe and limited-access place to avoid any inadvertent mishandling and subsequent misfiring.  

As per some estimates, almost 500 people a year end up dying due to various incidents of unintentional firearm usage in the United States. 

Considering that this figure does not include the number of injuries that happen each year due to the same reason, the actual number of near-death experiences from misuse of guns is quite alarming. 

In simple words, this fact reflects why guns, unless their use is intended, should be kept locked.

Where should you store your gun? 

As mentioned above, owning a firearm is your right as a US citizen, and we encourage you to practice your rights, but in a safe and knowledgeable manner.  Guns (in most cases) are meant for personal protection, and can be prone to misuse which could result in some significant consequences. 

Therefore, gun owners must always adhere to two key factors while storing their guns.   

First, always store at a place where only you can have access to your gun. For example, at home, keep it at a place which your children do not know about or could not reach easily. If you plan on using a pistol wall mount, install it at a height and location that is discreet.

Second, always store your firearm in a place convenient enough for you to access in the event of any crisis. 

Should I store my guns in a locked closet? 

For most people, keeping a gun in their locked closet seems convenient. However, before taking such a decision, make sure that your gun is kept in a secure receptacle in your closet, and has its trigger locked, or the bolt removed. 

Do you have to lock up ammo? 

Yes, you must, and you should. But not at the same place as the gun. Keeping your gun and the ammo locked is the preliminary step towards eliminating the chances of a probable mishap involving involuntary shooting. 

Where can I go to purchase quality gun lockers? 

While it is important to have gun lockers to store your guns and ammos, it is also important to know that not all lockers that you come across will be the same. 

Therefore, your decision to buy a gun locker should be coupled with buying the right and the best quality gun lockers. 

For this, we highly recommend you to choose American Locker, the top locker manufacturer in the USA, for all your gun locking and firearms storage needs.