In recent years, e-commerce has resulted in a massive increase in parcel deliveries. And so has the number of personal belongings such as smart gadgets that people of all ages today carry all the time. Consequently, the use of parcel lockers, guest rental lockers, and asset storage lockers is also becoming quite common. 

Whether you reside in a multi-housing apartment, run a business, or even manage a lodging facility, this article is for you. It covers various aspects of how the adoption of smart parcel lockers is reshaping various enterprises and how can parcel lockers fulfill your purpose as well. 

What are parcel lockers?

A parcel locker in its simplified form is a modified version of a standard mailbox. Unlike mailboxes, parcel lockers can easily hold bigger packages and provide more convenience to shipping companies and recipients both in terms of parcel security, timesaving, accessibility, and package collection. 

What are smart electronic parcel lockers?

Because almost everything and anything can be ordered online today, more and more businesses and housing complexes are switching towards using smart electronic parcel lockers. A smart electronic parcel locker, as the name suggests, adds another layer of comfort and efficiency over simple parcel lockers. They provide contactless, and anytime package dropping and pickup options to both shippers and recipients. Besides all this, smart electronic parcel lockers can also handle perishable items by controlling the temperature of the locker until the recipient collects it. 

How do parcel lockers work?

Other than having some key differences, both simple and smart electronic parcel lockers follow the same working mechanism. This includes the following steps – 

The shipping/courier company person can avoid the trouble of locating the exact address of a recipient or encounter a failed delivery attempt.

Whether it is an office or a residential complex, shipping agents can simply place the package inside the parcel locker. Recipients can either have designated or on-demand lockers assigned by the property managers depending on the nature of the package.

To place the package, the shipping agent can access the parcel locker with a key provided by the property manager or through a special code.

Next step involves informing the recipient about the parcel awaiting collection. This can be done by the shipping company itself such as by sending a text or notification about the key and locker number. In the case of a smart electronic parcel locker, the locker automatically sends a notification.

The last step is for the recipient to collect the parcel by way of accessing it through a key, or by using or scanning the code received through notification. 

Are parcel lockers secure?

Yes. One of the primary reasons behind the fast popularity of smart parcel lockers is the level of security they provide. Not only do they keep packages safe from theft incidents, but they can also maintain the durability of perishable items. 

Advantages and uses of parcel lockers

Smart parcel lockers provide several advantages and uses. These include – 

Parcel lockers can be placed both inside and outside of a building. 

They help in minimizing the number of package theft incidents especially in the case of unattended parcels left by shipping agents on the porch. 

They are easy to locate and access by both the shipper and the recipient. 

They can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. 

They send automatic notification alerts to intended recipients for the collection of their packages. 

Electronic parcel lockers can easily hold perishable goods. 

They can accommodate large size parcels as well. 

They save on costs as well. For example, they reduce the number of failed shipping attempts. 

What companies are adopting parcel lockers?

Besides serving multi-housing units, parcel lockers have a huge application in the commercial arena as well. Some businesses that are highly benefitting from their use include – 

Grocery and retail stores are using parcel lockers for placing items ordered online for any time self-collection by the buyer. This is also known as BOPIS or Buy Online, Pickup In-Store. 

They also help in industries where there is a frequent need for guests and customers to rent lockers to store personal belongings and other assets. 

What are the advantages of using parcel lockers for my business?

Parcel lockers can help achieve the following advantages for your business – 

Depending on the nature of your business, renting out parcel lockers to guests and customers can add another stream of income for you.

By using BOPIS, your chances of increasing in-store sales become more. Many customers coming for their online order collection usually end up making additional purchases during their visit.

You do not need to hire a shipping company or delivery guys to deliver online orders.

There are fewer chances of returned shipments due to failed delivery attempts.

You can also offer 24/7 parcel collection, outside your normal business hours, by having outdoor parcel lockers. 


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