One of the key elements that distinguish one university from the other and about which many students are mostly concerned is called the student experience. From on-campus and off-campus facilities to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the term student experience comprises many things.  One such thing that we plan to discuss in this article is the increasing use of advanced technology equipment such as intelligent lockers and digital locker systems in universities.

Although locker facilities in universities aren’t anything new, the use of intelligent lockers in technologically advanced universities is significantly reshaping the student experience.

Locker manufacturers in the US are offering digital locker systems and intelligent lockers to help universities enhance student experience altogether.

Technologically advanced colleges – What are the benefits?

Whether it is a business organization or an educational enterprise, keeping pace with the rapidly changing technological advancements offers some benefits.

Remember that the main purpose of any college or university is to help its students in their overall learning and growth. Therefore, the core idea behind technologically driven advancements in colleges and universities is to enhance and promote the engagement of its members in achieving this purpose.

Some benefits that technologically advanced colleges contribute towards enhancing the on-campus student experience are –

  • Advanced technology is reshaping almost everything by creating a more student-centered approach to engage with other students and teachers.
  • Instant access to digital books and other resources available for learning facilitate more students at a time.
  • Besides helping the teaching faculty, universities are spending vast amounts of funds to encourage research faculty to experiment and develop better forms of advanced and digitized learning tools and methods.
  • The use of advanced technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain technology, virtual reality, and even super-intelligent computers is reshaping the teaching as well as the learning experience for everyone at technologically advanced universities.
  • Architectural students who are using 3D holographic modeling now have an opportunity to simultaneously learn and practically test their knowledge at the same time.

Campus Hub Digital Lockers

Now that we have successfully and significantly entered the post-pandemic era, adopting safety measures is highly important to continue with this normalization.

The term Campus Hub is one such thing that is massively helping in several ways to promote and establish safety protocols for everyone present physically on university campuses.

With Campus Hub, universities are using smart lockers as a centralized system for the distribution of various resources to students and faculty members on campus.

Things like…

  • books,
  • merchandise,
  • laptops,
  • documents,
  • research journals,
  • class material,
  • even on-campus dining,
  • mails and parcels, and
  • other move-in and move-out equipment

is being distributed and retrieved with the help of a smart locker system and intelligent lockers. This not only helps in contact-less distribution of many things but also provides users with great flexibility in terms of accessibility at any convenient time.

Examples of universities adopting tech and boosting student experience

A good number of technologically advanced universities are benefitting from the use of intelligent lockers and digital locker systems. Here is a quick overview of it.

Safe and secure parcel delivery among students

Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, ordinary lockers and smart locker systems were limited to only safe and secure parcel delivery among students. But in the post-pandemic era, the use of smart locker systems and intelligent lockers is facilitating students on a wider level.

While the above-mentioned list of things might just present a glimpse of it, it does clearly explains how the smart locker system has completely revolutionized safe and secure delivery among students in several ways.

University of Florida

Before switching towards using smart locker systems, the University of Florida had to struggle with managing its parcel deliveries that on a peak day could even amount to 4000 packages.

Installing intelligent lockers throughout the University of Florida’s 26 residence halls has helped in not just efficiently managing the peak-day parcel rush, but also in helping save many hours of human capital.

Lehigh University

The use of a smart locker system and intelligent lockers has helped Lehigh University accomplish its objectives with regards to offering a technology-friendly, enhanced, and innovative environment.

This overall helps Lehigh University to offer exceptional customer service especially to students in an age where much of student experience revolves around digitalization.


Many people might argue that the time that students get to spend in a university is quite short as it is just a transitional period. While this is true in some perspectives, the thing that cannot be ignored is that the student experience overall is based on how well students are equipped with everything essential to make the most out of this transitionary period.

Having intelligent lockers and digital locker systems greatly helps students not to worry about any important item left outside their university campus or having to carry excess stuff all the time.

Thus, in the post-pandemic era, the increasing trend of adopting the use of digital locker systems and intelligent lockers by technologically advanced universities can be seen as one of the most important aspects of the student experience.

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