In just a mere 2 years, our impressions surrounding the reliability of our work environment has became utterly askew. The outbreak of the Covid-19 has shifted workplace dynamics and placed a new set of modern day business problems on company owners.  How will you promote an hygienic workplace and keep your staff safe?

Workplace storage lockers play an important role in offices, educational institutions, administrative buildings, and numerous other facilities. However, the traditionally used workplace storage lockers aren’t capable of addressing the needs of a flexible workspace environment in a post-pandemic era.

If you are trying to find an efficient and post-Covid-19 compatible digital locker system, let American Locker, USA’s #1 Locker Manufacturer, provide a locker solution suitable for you!

Factors or benefits that a reliable digital locker system offers for post-Covid-19 workspace environment

1. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene

Digital locker systems or smart lockers can be fully operated without any physical contact. This contactless functionality ensures that no germs or contamination of any kind spreads from the locker surface to the user and vice versa.

Apart from this, being smart also means that the maintenance staff in any facility is regularly updated on the status of the locker about whether it is in use or empty. This helps them schedule a priority cleaning job on the ones that are empty which further acts as an additional safeguard to disinfect the locker before being reserved again.

2. Uses easy to clean and maintain material

In addition to the above factor, materials used in the making of a locker are carefully chosen regarding their inherent quality in terms of maintenance and disinfection.

Conventionally, materials that require less maintenance and are easy to clean and disinfect have always remained a preference in the locker manufacturing industry. However, the latest trend that is fast becoming a standard is to use material that inherently acts as a repelling agent to most germs and contamination.

For example, applying special coats on steel surfaces with anti-bacterial and antimicrobial qualities or using copper material surfaces.

3. Complying with social distancing rules

Most people in offices regularly receive deliveries from outside, such as lunch, documents, parcels, etc. This requires them to go off-site to receive them. However, this frequent contact with outsiders exposes the people in a closed environment to a probable risk of contamination.

By using smart lockers or digital locker systems, this risk can be eliminated or significantly reduced to much extent.

And how, it’s simple. All parcels and deliveries received are automatically directed to the digital locker system that operate on a touchless manner. From there, each recipient can easily and conveniently collect their stuff.

4. Hassle-free locker management

Digital locker system provides a hassle-free mode of locker management style with little to literally no human interference required at any level. Each step involved is software managed which not just helps achieve more user independence but also remote access, if and when required.

5. Greater locker security

Digital locker systems come with much more secure and safer options to access them. By using methods like one-time pin codes, QR scanning, remote locking and unlocking, automatic re-locking, etc. workplace employees, locker owners, as well as one-time users have a much higher level of assurance in terms of reliability of how secure digital locker systems are.

6. Ease of use

One of the most distinguishing features of digital locker systems is their ease of use and convenience and that too at any time they want. This means no formal or prior access approval is required from the management people in your facility to use the digital locker system.

Moreover, there isn’t any need for help from any management staff member for accessing the lockers or for maintaining access logs. The locker itself keeps a record of every time you access it.

Final thoughts

Fortunately for you, American Locker offers digital locker system with smart storage options to suit any workplace in the post-Covid-19 era.

Whether it’s for personal storage, or parcel delivery management issues like drop-offs and pickups, American Locker digital locker system adheres to hygienic, touchless, and flexible use.