How to Reset Your Locker’s Combinations

Whether it is gym lockers or school lockers, as a user of metal lockers there will be multiple instances when you will need setting up or resetting the locker combination of a locker system.

For example, when you are new to a facility, you might want to change the locker combination of the metal locker you have been assigned with. Similarly, in case you plan to switch to a different size and/or type of locker system, you will again need to reset the last assigned locker combination code.

Another common instance when users of a metal locker system need to change or reset their locker combination is when they forget the code that they have originally set themselves. This is a common issue because recalling a four-digit combination locker code can be hard especially if you aren’t good at remembering numbers.

However, if you are a beginner and it is your first time coming across using a storage locker system or metal locker with a locker combination, you should also know a few more things. Such as what is a locker combination and how to set and reset a locker combination code?

In this article post, we will cover a comprehensive discussion on all the above-mentioned topics whether you are a beginner, or an old user of a metal locker system based on locker combination mechanism.

What is a locker combination?

Simply put and as one can easily comprehend by looking at any metal locker based on a locker combination system –

“A locker combination or a combination lock is a locking system whose locking mechanism uses a sequence of symbols, which in most cases are number-based, for locking or unlocking it. Although other forms of symbols such as alphabets and special characters are also used in locker combinations, the most commonly available metal lockers have numbers for a combination lock.”

In case you are wondering how many combinations can be made or how many combination choices you have with a combination lock using numbers only from 0 till 9, the answer is 10,000 combination sets are possible.

This is based on the most used code length of 4 digits when using a single number to fill multiple digit spaces is allowed. In simple words, a locker combination following this working mechanism can have any code between the range of 0000 and 9999.

How to set and reset your locker combination?

Whether you are planning to set or reset a locker combination is the same thing. This is because technically as a user of metal lockers, you will always be resetting the previous code.

For instance, most new metal locker systems have a pre-assigned or by default set code of 0000 (four zeros). But even if your locker has a different default code, you will always want to change it to something less specific that others cannot easily discover.

However, there is a slight difference between setting and resetting a locker combination.

Setting means assigning a new code whereas resetting means reassigning the locker combination to its default or manufacturer-assigned code in case you have forgotten the code you set.

How to set your locker combination?

To set the code of a locker combination metal locker system having a four-digit length code mechanism, follow these instructions:

  1. Place the item inside the storage metal locker and close its door.
  2. Now look for lock and unlock signs right next to the knob of the lock on the storage locker door. Remember that lock and unlock might be mentioned as graphical signs or explicitly written (engraved on the metal surface).
  3. Next make sure that the knob positioning arrow or indicator is pointing or turned towards the UNLOCK
  4. Now set any 4-digit code (use any four-digit code from the range mentioned above but remember to use the one that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to crack).
  5. Once the code is set, turn the knob now to point towards the LOCK
  6. Scramble the code.

How to reset your locker combination?

  1. To reset the locker combination code, you will need the Code Retrieval Key.
  2. Insert the key into the keyhole and turn the knob towards the UNLOCK
  3. Now spin each digit dial until it stops and center the middle digit in the window.
  4. Once each dial is set, the last used or assigned code will display.
  5. Now turn the knob back to the LOCK position and remove the key from the metal locker.
  6. Now follow the above instructions on “how to set your locker combination” for setting a new code.

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