Giving your company’s employees easy access to company computers, tablets, mobile phones, and all kinds of business equipment just takes a little American Ingenuity.

Managing your organization’s assets has never been easier. Now when your company’s employees need access to company computers, tablets, mobile phones, and all kinds of business equipment and company assets, they simply visit the American Locker kiosk, enter their credentials, and withdraw their items.

A dedicated RFID reader is integrated with the kiosk that allows your company’s employees to swipe their badges and go straight to asset-dedicated lockers. With American Locker’s electronic technology, your company can lock and unlock company assets using only their fingers, and then get right back to work.

Providing your company’s employees with access to the business assets they need — when they need them and where they need them — saves time and money. But the real benefits to your organization are delivered through our software solution. Every asset in your company is checked in and out through our advanced asset management system. With our sophisticated backend reporting, we make it easy to manage, track, and reconcile all asset activity via a dedicated portal.

Our Electronic Asset Management Lockers are engineered to provide the most advanced security solution for organizations of all sizes. With non-corrosive materials, fewer pry points, and secure locking mechanisms, the mechanical design is tried and tested and wholly manufactured in the USA, offering your business years of reliable operation.

These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save your organization time and money by making it easy to manage the locker activity in your company. We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. We offer total customization of the Electronic Asset Management Solution so you can adapt our system to your company’s specific physical and logistical requirements.

That’s American Ingenuity. That’s American Locker.

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