Asset management is a core practice of every kind of organization, from small businesses to large enterprises, from local non-profits to federal government agencies.

Organizations of every size can benefit from implementing an Asset Management Solution that will:

• Better manage risk

• Reduce equipment loss and expenditures

• Improve staff performance and efficiency

• Improve equipment service and support, so assets retain their value

Implementing an innovative asset management solution delivers a range of valuable benefits:

More Control: Improve your organization’s performance when you establish better control over the workflows that involve your managed equipment.

Cost Savings: An asset management program ensures more effective use of your organization’s equipment. The correct, working assets are always available. Condition checks ensure maintenance is conducted on schedule. And the value of each individual asset is preserved.

Improved Risk Management: Tracking and auditing processes built into your asset management solution optimize equipment purchase, deployment, and management decision-making.

Loss Prevention: Rapid investigation and recovery of missing assets, thanks to a complete audit trail and constant monitoring of equipment transactions.

Business Growth: Creates collaborative workflows that allow your business units to work more tightly together, connecting your organization’s operations to your business goals.

Fosters Accountability: Training personnel to care for your organization’s assets will foster a wider culture of responsibility and accountability.

Managing your organization’s assets has never been easier, thanks to Electronic Asset Management Solutions from American Locker. Now when your company’s employees need access to company computers, tablets, mobile phones, and all kinds of business equipment and company assets, they simply visit the Electronic Asset Management System from American Locker, enter their credentials, and withdraw or deposit their items.

It’s our commitment to innovation and technological advancement that has been driving our security solutions for over 120 years. The companies we serve are not just customers; they’re partners in the evolution of this technological advancement. And that’s just one more example of American Ingenuity at work.

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