American Locker Launches New Website

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American Locker proudly announces the launch of its new fully modern and technologically advanced website. American Locker has evolved over the past 18 months and many of the changes drove a complete remodel of the site. In partnership with Canyon Creative out of Las Vegas, was developed to capture the current portfolio of products as well as ensure maximum ease of use for the consumer. Chris Colwell, SVP of Sales, commented “It was essential for American Locker to have a new site that had the proper modern architecture and content detail for all our site visitors. With the change in ownership, move to Las Vegas, a refresh of product content, and need to set up for a fully automated shopping cart experience, tearing down the old to replace with new was essential. We are confident that as more and more SKUs become available in the American Locker portfolio, our guest experience will only become richer.

Dale Sprague, President of Canyon Creative, added, “We are honored to partner with American Locker and play such an integral role in developing a new, user-friendly website. Their commitment to exceed customer expectations is unsurpassed and mirrors the philosophy of Canyon Creative. There are more changes in store and we’re excited to be a part of making them happen.”

American Locker will continue to evolve and its web presence is no different. The site maximizes today’s architecture development needs and will be host to the previously mentioned shopping cart, which will be online in Q3 2016.

ABOUT COLE KEPRO INTERNATIONAL, LLC. – Cole Kepro International, LLC is the parent company of CKI Gaming, a North Las Vegas and Taiwan based designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance slot machines and associated peripherals and American Locker, LLC of Coppell, Texas. Cole Kepro International, LLC is an industry leader in gaming cabinets. Our facilities are state of the art offering design, fabrication and assembly services. As the foundation of our company, each person brings with them their unique talents and insight that make us what we are today. Learn more by visiting:

ABOUT AMERICAN LOCKER, LLC, dba, American Locker.  We are a leading manufacturer, with the most recognizable brand, of providing secure storage, distribution and inventory management solutions.  American Locker is regarded as a direct supplier that its security-conscious customers cannot live without. The Company leverages over 80 years of industry expertise to help organizations increase efficiency, mitigate risk, grow revenue and meet service needs. Proprietary offerings range from classic coin/token-operated security lockers and employee/personal lockers to keyless and computer/electronic-controlled systems, all fully assembled.

American Locker provides expert consultation via experienced staff and is the only locker company that manufactures and controls its own distribution of non-duplicative 16 million Keys/Locks/Cylinders as well as Keyless Systems. Above all, Company products are easy to use, install and manage, available in numerous colors, and designed from weather-resistant materials (stainless, aluminum, plastic or painted steel) for heavy indoor and outdoor usage.

Beyond its iconic orange key, Ambassador and Statesman locker systems and SECURITY LOCKERS, the Company has introduced, STACKABLE LAPTOP LOCKERS for securing and recharging mobile devices, for inventory management, KEYLESS MINI-CHECK® Express lockers for items such as cell phones, and ALL-WELDED ENVOY Employee lockers. For a comprehensive search of American Locker solutions, please see the PRODUCT FINDER section. Learn more by visiting:

For more information, contact Frederick A. Cook, Jr, Chief Executive Officer.