Invented here. Built here. Ordered here. Used everywhere. Even our website was made in the U.S.

North Las Vegas, NV – April 1  — For over 120 years, American Locker has lead the security solutions industry with innovative solutions. In keeping with their tradition of innovation, today they are launching the all-new

The launch of the new website heralds a completely updated line of locker solutions. To help customers find the best fit for their unique needs, American Locker has re-organized and streamlined their lockers into four distinct lines: Standard, Advanced, Premium and Custom.

The Standard Line is the collection of products that have stood the test of time and continue to define the industry.

Lockers aren’t just for security. State-of-the-art technology makes The Advanced Line products revenue generators for practically any business.

All of the lockers in their Premium Line meet the industry’s highest standards for quality. These products are designed to make a lasting impression.

The Custom Line demonstrates American Locker’s commitment to providing solutions for every customer need. These products are as innovative and as unique as the project needs them to be.

The new website also features case studies from customers from a wide range of industries and applications.

And the Architect’s Studio provides architects with access to data sheets, drawings and schematics on each of the American Locker Lines of products.

Touted by American Locker’s marketing department as the “ultimate solution for online access to innovative security products,” Tara Munro, Director of Marketing for American Locker, calls out some of the website’s most compelling features. “The new website lets customers get info, download spec sheets, and even get a quote on the locker solution that best fits their needs. They can get all the details on every product, download schematics and submit requests for customized solutions. Our new website is one more reason for our customers to believe in American Ingenuity.”

But there’s a lot more to the new website than 120 years of American Ingenuity. Customers can order products and parts online and have them shipped directly to their location. They can also submit customer service requests and support directly through the online Customer Support center.

“I’m in love with our new website and couldn’t be more proud,” says Frederick Cook, Chief Executive Officer of American Locker. “I have nothing but great things to say about the functionality, layout, copywriting, color scheme, — everything. I’ve already received several phone calls from clients commenting on how the website has impressed them. That type of reaction doesn’t usually happen with a business-to-business focused website. But I think our team has really produced something special for our customers. And that’s exactly what I wanted.”

The new website for American Locker provides a showcase for the innovative locker solutions that have been leading the industry since American Locker first invented the category in 1953. Of course, you can learn all about American Locker’s storied past on their new website.

“Our company has an amazing history, with its roots in creating innovative solutions,” explains Munro. “American Locker has built a reputation for leading this industry with ground-breaking solutions. Our new website is helping us keep an American Locker tradition.”



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ABOUT CKI LOCKER, LLC, DBA American Locker. American Locker is a U.S.-based manufacturer of locker solutions. American Locker provides customized locker solutions for a wide variety of industries, including postal/delivery, corporate, military and government, law enforcement, amusement parks, water parks, apartment/multi-family units, universities/education, telecommunications, ski resorts, exhibitions and conferences, and transportation. American Locker is the originator of the coin-operated locker, and is widely known for their lockers with orange-capped keys. For over 120 years, American Locker has been setting the standard for U.S. manufacturing and innovation. You can learn more about American Locker at


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