High-security police evidence lockers are perfect for storing and retrieving evidence while maintaining the integrity of the chain of custody. 

It’s the job of law enforcement to lock up criminals. But that’s not all they lock up. The evidence collected when bringing a criminal to justice can make or break the case against the crime.  Lost or tampered with evidence can end careers. Failure to secure chain of custody can put a quick end to a hard-worked case. In these isntances, locking up the evidence can be just as important as locking up the perpetrator.

Law enforcement agencies are keenly aware of the need to protect the chain of custody for evidence. Despite the awareness, there are still obstacles preventing the widespread adoption of more secure practices:

• Space constraints — evidence storage areas are filling to overflowing

• Resource limitations — too much evidence for too few technicians to process

• Multi-departmental collaboration — touched by so many hands – labeled and packaged by a police officer, processed by a technician, needed again for a court appearance

• Evidence attributes — evidence comes in all sizes including large, cumbersome, and hazardous

• Storage demands — different rules for the release or disposal of evidence

• Technology revolution — evidence management is being transformed by electronic systems, which bring many benefits but can also mean a steep learning curve

In light of these many challenges, reliable evidence storage solutions are vital to the effective performance of the duties of law enforcement agents. That’s where American Ingenuity comes in.

At American Locker, we manufacture evidence storage lockers designed to accommodate the most sophisticated needs of law enforcement agents.

Our evidence locker solutions are used in police stations and public courthouses that depend on having various sizes of storage compartments to accommodate the wide range of evidence materials. The unique requirements of these evidence lockers may also include mail or video slots and refrigerated compartments for storage of temperature sensitive, non-hazardous materials.

Most of all, our evidence lockers are engineered to be secure and reliable. They ensure the protection of items with deadbolt locking, welded doors, and anti-pry tabs. Forward-facing doors can be keyless, with a push-button lock system, to make it easy to deposit evidence in the lockers unattended. Law enforcement agents can maintain their accountability while depositing evidence at any time in law enforcement facilities.

Our painted steel evidence lockers are world-renowned for high-quality construction, secure locking mechanisms and fewer pry points. Built with electro-galvanized steel and in a variety of colors, these lockers have set the security standard throughout the law-enforcement industry.

Of course, when considering evidence locker solutions, there’s no better place to turn to than American Locker. Better customer experience. Better business experience. Our years of innovative American manufacturing have led us to create the widest range of customized solutions in the industry.

Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.