Thanks to the smart features of our Dry Cleaning Lockers, customers can pick up and drop off their garments on their own schedule.

Everyone who takes their clothes to the dry cleaners knows the feeling of rushing to get there in time to pick up or drop off before they are closed for the day. Or the disappointment felt when arriving early in the morning before your morning commute to discover that they haven’t opened for business as early as you previously thought.

Working trips to the dry cleaners around their fixed schedule and your own much-more-fluid lifestyle has been a problem that deserves some American Ingenuity. That’s where American Locker comes in. Thanks to the genius of our engineers, we build locker solutions for dry cleaners that give their customers the flexibility they need to come and go on their own schedule. Introducing the American Locker Digital Locker System.

With the American Locker Digital Locker System, dry cleaners can conduct business with their customers on their customers’ schedules. Lockers aren’t just for security anymore. State-of-the-art technology turns these products into revenue generators, allowing busy customers the freedom of dropping off¬ and picking up whenever it’s convenient for them — 24/7.

Our Digital Locker System is the ultimate solution for any dry cleaner service. The mechanical design is tried and tested and wholly manufactured in the USA, o¬ffering dry cleaning businesses years of reliable operation and state-of-the-art security.

These digital locker systems save time and money by making it easy to manage customer drop-off¬s and pick-ups. We provide the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations.

Serving dry cleaning customers has never been easier. They can register online or visit any dry cleaner’s location. Using a personalized garment bag, customers can drop off¬ and pick up their dry cleaning at any time while using the convenient, 24/7 secure drop box — the Digital Locker System from American Locker.

When customers’ garments are ready, they receive a notification to pick up their dry cleaning at their convenience, using the Digital Locker System. They’ll receive SMS and email notifications which include secure location access information and locker details with opening instructions.

Better Guest Experience. Better Business Experience. We’ve made it affordable and easy to capitalize on the revenue-generating features of our digital lockers.

Advanced door design dramatically improves security
Greater convenience, no waiting, and 24/7 access make customers much happier
Re-settable digital locks for enhanced security and ease of use
Industry-leading solutions

For over 120 years, American Locker has continually led this industry we invented with an unstoppable series of innovative solutions.

Our years of industrious American manufacturing have produced the widest range of customized solutions available anywhere. That’s American Ingenuity.