Retailers have discovered the answer to meeting their customers’ demands for convenience and it’s all in these lockers.

Since the beginning of the retail business, closing a sale meant having just the right product available for the customer to purchase. As product variety and options increased, the challenge of maintaining an inventory that could keep up with customer demand increased exponentially.

Thanks to the advent of e-retailing, customers could find products in an infinite variety of sizes and options. And for the retailer, warehousing inventory was more cost effective than keeping all the goods on the showroom floor. However, the dynamics of delivering the goods posed a new challenge for retailers – owning the customer relationship. That relationship was shifting from the retailer that sold the goods to the company that delivered the goods.

For most retailers, the last mile of delivery defines the relationship for the customer. The answer to this challenge has been for retailers to form a fully integrated omnichannel retail solution. Evolving omnichannel needs have forced retailers to evaluate current transportation network capabilities and make adjustments accordingly.

Fully Integrated Omni Channel Retail Solutions

Around 96% of Americans utilize online shopping in one way or another thanks to the proliferation of more complete e-retail experiences with greatly reduced shipping times.

However, those same Americans spend about 65% of their total shopping budget in traditional brick-and-mortar locations. That means that while everyone is shopping online, they are making more purchases in-store.

Customers are moving seamlessly between online and offline experiences and are looking to retailers who will facilitate these transitions. The explosion in mobile retail means customers will commonly conduct in-store research and showrooming and then turn around and purchase their product online.

Keeping the customer and making the sale in today’s challenging retail environment has led retailers to offer their customers a BOPUS solution. Buy Online and Pick Up in Store (BOPUS) solutions have made it possible for customers to shop, either online or at the retailer’s brick and mortar store, find the product that suits their needs, buy the product where they find it, and then accept delivery right there at the retailer’s location. In this way, a retailer can serve their customers more directly by keeping the transaction on their home turf.

A Secure Place for Customers to Pick up Their Online Orders.

Install Click and Collect BOPUS Lockers from the leading innovators of Electronic Lockers. You will greatly improve customer satisfaction while reducing your costs. Getting your products into the hands of your customer (a.k.a. “last-mile delivery”) is normally the most expensive and frustrating part of e-commerce shopping. Not anymore — thanks to American Ingenuity.

With our secure collection lockers, your customers can order online and collect their purchase at their convenience. That’s superior customer service. That’s 120 years of innovation.

Click and Collect BOPUS Lockers are ideal for:

• single location retailer

• online e-tailers

• blue chip retailers with multiple locations


Ideal choice for your business

• enterprise-grade installations

• fully scalable & compliant with all data protection standards

• enterprise-level cloud-based control system


Fully customizable and seamlessly integrated

• Mighty Express™ client and server software

• integrates with POS & warehousing/shipping system

• automates end-to-end product delivery solution


Step-by-step support

• locally or centrally controlled

• design & customization to delivery, installation, & training

• 24/7 online and in-person support

You can learn more about American Locker’s BOPUS Locker Solutions here.