North Las Vegas, NV  – ColeKepro International, LLC, the parent company of CKI Gaming and American Locker, announces the appointment of Tim Votaw to manage the American Locker division of the company. Votaw joins the team at their Coppell, Texas, location as Senior Vice President and General Manager, responsible for all aspects of the business.

Tim has considerable go-to-market experience, with integrated technology solutions, in his prior roles with Par Technology, Apple, Honeywell and Iomega. This provided ColeKepro’s executive search team with the track record they were looking for as they position American Locker solutions squarely in the technology ecosystem.

In his role as General Manager, Tim will be responsible for strategy development and implementation, as well as engineering and new product development. All selling, support, engineering and production operations will report to Tim for the American Locker business.

Effective June 3, Votaw will lead the company’s American Locker division, reporting to Frederick Cook, Chief Executive Officer.

“We are very enthusiastic about having Tim join our team,” says Cook. “Tim has proven himself time and again as a true leader for companies like ours with complex, multi-tiered channel and distribution environments.”

Votaw has a history of success during his career, having been at the executive level across the spectrum from start-up to Fortune 1000. It’s that range of experience that will be easily applied to addressing the diverse and varied needs of American Locker’s customers.

“Bringing Tim onboard is a vital strategic move for our evolving organization,” notes Andrew Cashin, the company’s Chief Financial Officer. “As our organization has grown rapidly, we found the need to augment our team with proven leadership from an accomplished and experienced leader who understands the complexities of our unique operations. Tim will be utilizing his experience in the development of performance management processes, enablement tools, and revenue cycle management to properly motivate our selling teams, and achieve and sustain results.”

The decision to add Votaw to the leadership team signals a strong move in ColeKepro’s evolution as a company being engineered to deliver better solutions for customers while maintaining cost efficiencies and driving home profits to their bottom line.


ABOUT COLEKEPRO INTERNATIONAL, LLC. – ColeKepro International, LLC is the parent company of CKI Gaming, a North Las Vegas- and Taiwan-based designer, developer and manufacturer of high-performance slot machines and associated peripherals. ColeKepro International, LLC — the recognized leader in gaming cabinets™ – is the industry leader and global supplier of designed and manufactured turnkey gaming cabinets and other fabricated metal products. Our facilities are state of the art, offering design, fabrication and assembly services. As the foundation of our company, each person brings with them their unique talents and insight that make us what we are today. www.colekepro.com


ABOUT CKI LOCKER, LLC, dba American Locker. American Locker is a U.S.-based manufacturer of locker solutions. American Locker provides customized locker solutions for a wide variety of industries including postal/delivery, corporate, military and government, law enforcement, amusement parks, water parks, apartment/multi-family units, universities/education, telecommunications, ski resorts, exhibitions and conferences, and transportation. American Locker is the originator of the coin-operated locker and is widely known for their lockers with orange-capped keys. For over 120 years, American Locker has been setting the standard for U.S. manufacturing and innovation. You can learn more about American Locker at americanlocker.com.



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