There are more than a few good reasons why these lockers have become Our Standards.       

When we started our business, we accomplished things that no one else had ever attempted — like inventing the first coin-operated locker.

Right from the start, American Locker has continually led this industry we invented with an unstoppable series of innovative solutions.  Along the way, we’ve produced a full line of products that stay in high demand.

These are our most popular lockers and locker parts — a full line of products that we keep in stock and ready to deliver. Our Standard Line products are the products you can always turn to for reliability and quality.

Personnel Lockers

Our Personnel Lockers are the premier choice for schools, gyms, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and corporate offices. They’re constructed of all-welded painted steel and features our keyed lock with 16 million, non-duplicative key code combinations, welded hasp assembly or the 4-dial Keyless lock with resettable combinations.

Pistol Lockers

Maximum protection when needed most. Our key-operated Pistol Lockers protect firearms from inside and outside threats. Prevent unauthorized access with heavy-gauge construction and our proprietary, 16 million non-duplicative key code combinations. Padded shelf and holder protect firearms from damage during storage.

Accessory Lockers

A convenient, self-service solution for storing small personal items such as keys and wallets. Our Accessory Lockers have a variety of multi-operational lock options. All keys and cylinders are specifically manufactured to protect against unauthorized duplication.

Asset Lockers

Recognized for reliability. Our painted steel Asset Lockers are world-renowned for high-quality construction, secure locking mechanisms and fewer pry points. Built with electro-galvanized steel and in a variety of colors, this model has set the security standard throughout all industries. Features our proprietary keyed locks with 16 million, non-duplicative key code combinations.

It’s our Standard Line. Products that have stood the test of time and continue to define this industry. Invented here. Built here. That’s American Ingenuity.

American Locker. That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity.