Retailers, amusement parks, dry cleaners, real estate companies, corporations, and hospitality companies have discovered American Ingenuity.

Serving the needs of guests and customers is the primary path to financial success for countless businesses across the nation and around the world. And though the products and services they provide are wildly diverse, they all share a common business objective: to maximize revenues through customer relationships.

Companies like Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Pace Lockers, SkyZone, and Solutions for Leisure just a few examples of how businesses are using Electronic Locker solutions to maximize their revenues and generate cost savings for their unique businesses.

Our Electronic Lockers are the ultimate solution for guest storage, parcel collection, BOPUS, and asset security. The mechanical design is tried and tested and wholly manufactured in the USA, offering businesses years of reliable operation.

Our electronic, self-service kiosk systems save businesses time and money by making it easy to manage the locker activity in their business. We provide the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Plus, sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track, and reconcile locker activity via a dedicated portal.

American Locker’s keyless locker technology can even be installed into existing lockers using our Tech-Boost Locker Technology, creating new revenue-generating opportunities for facility managers and administrators. Installing our new keyless locker technology into existing lockers provides businesses with innovations that improve the guest experience and create new ways to monetize each customer visit.


We’ve made it affordable and easy to capitalize on the revenue-generating features of our keyless lockers:

• Eliminate the cost of replacing lost keys

• Greatly reduce locker down-time

• Advanced door design dramatically improves security

• Greater convenience, less waiting in line, and no key to deal with make guests much happier

• Innovative crowd management feature dispenses lockers in organized fashion for peak times

• Flexibility for guests to relocate their locker from one location to another

• Illuminated LCD screens with enhanced nighttime use

• IP 67 Rated, engineered to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures

Better customer experience. Better business experience. Our years of innovative American manufacturing have led us to create the widest range of customized solutions in the industry. Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.