As Universities look for ways to justify the increasing cost of housing, they’re finding answers in new technology that delivers services to their residents.

Student housing has changed dramatically on college campuses. Slowly at first, with larger campuses introducing new living arrangements that mirror today’s diverse society, requiring laptops, and adopting universal Wi-Fi, and more rapidly in recent years as advancing technology has transformed the way we live, work, play, and communicate.

Millennials, aka Gen Z, have grown up in a plugged-in, online, world and that comes with certain lifestyle demands and expectations. Institutions of higher education are challenged by the need to create residential facilities that support recruitment and retention of high caliber students, facilitate socialization and engagement, and provide a foundation for academic success.

Today, more and more universities are turning to American Locker to find ways to provide for the ever-demanding needs of these Gen Z students that live and learn on their campus. That’s where our Electronic Locker Systems come in.

Electronic Keyless Lockers are being used by universities everywhere, providing security and convenience in a variety of ways. From 24/7 parcel delivery and pickup to self-managed asset security and storage, Electronic Keyless Lockers are meeting the lifestyle needs of an increasing tech-oriented society.

When universities install our Charging Lockers in strategic locations around campus, they provided their student body with the convenience of juicing up their mobile devices while keeping up with their studies. And our Laptop Lockers provide students with an easy way to keep their laptop locked up and charged up while they’re engaged in extra-curricular activities.

These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save universities time and money by making it easy to manage the locker activity on their campus. American Locker provides the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Plus, sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track and reconcile locker activity via a dedicated account at the American Locker online portal.

We’ve made it a­ffordable and easy for universities to capitalize on the revenue-generating features of our keyless lockers:

• Eliminate the cost of replacing lost keys
• Greatly reduce locker down-time
• Advanced door design dramatically improves security
• Greater convenience, less waiting in line, and no key to deal with make guests much happier
• Innovative crowd management feature dispenses lockers in organized fashion for peak times
• Flexibility for guests to relocate their locker from one location to another
• Illuminated LCD screens with enhanced nighttime use
• IP 67 Rated, engineered to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures

Better student experience. Better business experience. Our years of innovative American manufacturing have led us to create the widest range of customized solutions in the industry. Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.