Having lockers is an essential component of many workplaces. But it comes with some unavoidable challenges. For example, managing locker activity to make sure that the purpose of having them remains intact and doesn’t get compromised isn’t easy at all. It is pretty time-consuming and requires active management.

However, more and more businesses today are switching the traditional lockers with American Locker’s smart asset lockers. Using smart locker and asset storage lockers has proven to be a simple change with potentially bigger positive results.

This article discusses some key advantages and their potential that any business can achieve by adopting smart asset lockers.

What are Smart Asset Lockers?

Smart Asset Lockers are an advanced storage solution that uses technological innovation to create flexible workspace storage options. Their dynamic and powerful approach has been widely tested with reliability to suit various workplace applications.

Smart asset lockers automate, reduce operational time, save costs, increase efficiency, and drastically increase security for businesses that deal with critical assets, tools, and equipment. They enable the workforce to access such assets with greater responsibility because of several unique features integrated into their design.

Advantages of adopting smart asset lockers

Smart asset lockers have become a key element for businesses whose day-to-day operations require their employees to use sophisticated and very specific nature instruments and tools.

Such equipment can be highly expensive and requires precision in accountability to avoid and control any kind of loss or damage. However, doing this manually is prone to human errors as well as lacks efficiency at multiple levels.

Adopting American Locker’s smart asset lockers and asset storage lockers provides an ultimate solution to all such errors while bringing in more efficiency. Some of the key advantages of adopting American Locker’s smart asset lockers are –

Help manage, organize, and keep track of critical pieces of equipment

A few pieces of equipment in each business require extra attention, management, organization, and accountability. For example, handheld or mobile devices such as scanners, printers, bar-code readers, tablets, etc.

Businesses can’t afford to invest in such equipment again and again until they have served a significant portion of their useful life. Therefore, investing in smart asset lockers can prove to be the right decision.

Technically, smart asset lockers can ensure that nothing wrong happens to such complex devices that are issued to employees. Because they keep a record of everything, employees are more likely to avoid any mistakes that can be questioned. This ultimately helps in not just saving costs of additional procurement of such tools, but also running maintenance costs, all the while prolonging the assets useful life.

Chain of custody

A chain of custody is a trail recording events or actions being taken upon a piece of equipment. This includes the time of issuing and returning the items, details of the concerned individual, control, custody, transfer, and analysis, etc.

Smart asset lockers can record precise chains of custody for each piece of equipment. This really helps in taking timely measures to prevent certain issues.

Contactless deliveries

Smart asset lockers work on their own. An individual employee enters its verification details which can simply be a pin code, and he has access to the equipment inside the locker.

Self-service contactless deliveries like these not only reduce the time it takes if the same thing was done manually, but it is also effective in situations like Covid-19.

Useful insight on key data

Since smart asset lockers record everything, the real-time data that they generate during their operations can be very useful for the business to decide its future plans.

For example, smart asset lockers can tell how often a piece of certain equipment is used, how many times it requires maintenance, issuing and dispatch times, employee performance metrics, etc.

In addition, smart asset lockers can help obtain answers to questions like –

  • How often do assets go missing?
  • Which employees do not return tools or prolong their use?
  • Which devices are still missing?
  • How often do devices assigned require maintenance or replacement? This tells a lot about the behavior of the employees who have been assigned specific devices.


Simple to operate without any lengthy procedures

In the absence of smart asset lockers, issuance of certain equipment within a business may require going through lengthy approval procedures. While the importance of such SOP’s is not denied, such manual compliance requires time and affects the productivity of employees.

Contrary to the above, smart asset lockers can be pre-assigned with instructions on what to allow, when to allow, and whom to allow, etc.

Reduces device maintenance costs

Device and equipment maintenance costs can significantly impact the profitability of any business. Especially in the case of any specialized nature equipment, maintenance costs could be extraordinary, requiring a careful evaluation of budgets assigned for such purposes.

Smart asset lockers can help minimize or even eliminate many of these costs in a normal manner.

Helps with keeping the employees stay motivated

Waiting in line at the beginning or end of a shift to get issued or return a device respectively, could demotivate employees. This not only wastes their time but also reduces the actual productivity time spent each day.

Smart asset lockers can avoid such hassles with their easy-to-access features.

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