Simplify Your Life with Electronic Lockers in 2022

With 2022 approaching fast, perhaps it is time to make some important changes and set new goals. But instead of overwhelming yourself with something non-essential or complex, why not set an aim to simplify your life and bring simplicity to things that you frequently use daily.

For example, switching towards using electronic or digital locker systems and intelligent lockers from locker manufacturers in the US. Intelligent lockers or digital locker systems have fast gained popularity during the last few years especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this article, we briefly highlight a few aspects of the digital locker system that may help simplify your life with electronic lockers in 2022.

Benefits of electronic lockers

When it comes to deploying intelligent lockers or digital locker systems in any workplace, the benefits that come aligned with it tend to be numerous. Some key benefits that electronic lockers offer include –

1 # Centralized management system that offers great convenience

Ease of management or centralized management of your complete digital locker system is a guaranteed top-rated advantage of any intelligent or electronic locker system.

This means that you do not need to worry about security and management-related concerns related to your locker or storage systems.

Irrespective of how many electronic lockers your digital locker system comprises, controlling, administrating, and managing intelligent lockers is highly convenient.

2 # More than a keyless entry

Gone are the days when a missing storage locker key may obstruct the entire operations of a locker storage system facility. With digital electronic systems or intelligent lockers, there is no physical or any standard key to access an electronic locker system.

Instead, all you now need is a password. Passwords not only make digital locker systems safe and secure, but they also come with further advantages as well.

For example, lost or stolen passwords can be changed while forgotten ones can be reset. And all this can be done instantly with just a few clicks with the help of a smartphone app.

3 # Maintaining access records

With electronic locker systems in action, there isn’t any need to maintain any records as to who, when, what, why, and where – used an intelligent locker facility.

Instead of maintaining manual records, seeking access permissions in advance, or the need for the management to appoint dedicated staff to accompany a user to the electronic locker facility, a digital locker system takes care of everything independently.

4 # Access permissions and allocating usage pattern

Granting access permissions and fixing any specific timings for using an electronic locker can also be programmed and managed conveniently with a digital locker system.

5 # Built to last

The major factors that distinguish between an electronic locker system and any standard locker system have been discussed above.

Apart from these, the digital locker system too is constructed with high-quality material and adheres to the same quality standards as any standard locker system.

This means using the finest quality steel, offering vast storage space with added features to store clothes, and other items, and the commitment to retain the long-term durability feature.

Size and colors to meet your needs

Another key element that encourages the use of electronic lockers in 2022 is their availability in different sizes and colors.

Although digital locker systems and intelligent lockers come in standard sizes and colors as well, there is no limit to the extent that they can be customized to suit the specific needs of an individual client.

Use cases of electronic lockers helping colleges and business

Below is a brief account of how electronic lockers are serving the needs of two different but major areas of society.

Electronic lockers aiding colleges and education-based institutions

Smart gadgets and electronic devices are the need of today’s students whether it be a school, college, or university. These things don’t only hold significant economic value but also the data and information that they contain are highly valuable for the students.

Thus, ensuring their protection and safety is important for every student as well as the campus management. However, and unfortunately, theft crimes of these valuable assets are an alarming issue on many college campuses.

To counter this problem, schools, colleges, and universities are increasingly adopting the use of electronic lockers on their campuses.

Electronic lockers serving the business segment of our society

While the uses and advantages of electronic lockers to businesses are many, here we discuss one of the most important ones.

If you are a frequent online shopper, chances are you might be aware of the term BOPIL (Buy Online, Pickup in Locker). BOPIL is an advanced or modified version of the term BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store).

Both terms work in the same manner except that in BOPIL, your purchased items are placed in a temporarily designated storage locker facility at the physical store. The added convenience factor here is that you can visit the digital locker system of the store at probably any time during the assigned period.


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