With American Locker’s Evidence Lockers, we provide law enforcement with the security they need to keep critical case evidence safe and secure.

When law enforcement agents collect evidence, they are required to adhere to the “proper chain of custody” when a crime has been committed. There are several law enforcement storage systems available to help police officers maintain the chain of custody. The pass-thru evidence locker, in particular, plays a vital role in securing the details of a crime that will help explain what really happened.

Engineered with dual access points, our law enforcement storage systems serve as secure places for the deposit and retrieval of evidence in law enforcement facilities. Our high-quality lockers help to preserve the condition of evidence and minimize the chance of cross-contamination caused by improper handling or unknown elements.

Thanks to American Ingenuity, these law enforcement storage systems can be configured and built to meet specific regulations. Pass-thru evidence lockers can also be made to include innovative security features that are engineered to ensure evidence is not at risk. Our innovative security features include a multi-point locking system, heavy gauge construction, electro-galvanized steel, welded doors and anti-pry tabs that help to safeguard evidence from coming in contact with unauthorized personnel.

Installing American Locker law enforcement storage systems in your law enforcement facility provides a safe, secure storage option for holding case-sensitive materials. Storing evidence in a single centralized location reduces the risk of losing the valuable resources used to solve cases. Plus, it limits the percentage of unjust verdicts due to insufficient or mislaid evidence. With American Locker, you can improve the way you process evidence more efficiently and solve cases faster. That’s American Ingenuity. That’s American Locker.