On this day, back in 1963, push-button phones were used for the very first time. It was one of those innovations that seemed to change everything.

You walk through the lobby, directly to a bank of elevators where you push a button that calls the elevator to open its doors. Stepping inside you find the floor you’re looking for and push its button. Your mobile phone buzzes, you, so you push the button on the screen to see what the alert has to say. Getting off the elevator, you stop by the water cooler because you’re thirsty. A simple press of the button sends cool, refreshing water into a cup for your convenience.

The humble push button. It’s easily ignored because it’s everywhere you turn, making your life easier — “with a push of a button.” At American Locker, innovations like the push button will never escape our attention. We thrive on innovation and celebrate it everywhere we find it. And thanks to the brilliance of the push button, we are able to create innovative locker solutions that deliver a multitude of functions, all at the push of a button.

It wasn’t always like that. There once was a world where people had to pull on levers, flip switches, yank on chains, turn dials, shift gears, and dream of a day when life was simpler. But dreams do come true.

According to CuriousMatic, the flashlight was the first simple, everyday electronic button. Then came Kodak cameras, doorbells, light switches, and the radio in the early 1900s, followed by push-button telephones. Cash registers, calculators, and push-button home appliances like laundry machines and dishwashers weren’t far behind.

By 1956, the first remote-control push buttons had been invented in the form of the TV remote. Cars became button-equipped, equating the notion of push buttons with luxury, ease, and convenience.

Today, push buttons can be found everywhere you turn. And thanks to software developers, the push button has taken on virtual status as buttons on a screen or application that can be used to activate an infinite number of possibilities.

All hail the mighty push button! With this amazing innovation, American Locker brings you locker systems that can be opened without a key, accessed remotely, accept credit cards for payment, charge cell phones and laptops, transfer locker rental locations from one locker to the next, provide access to packages being delivered or dropped off, and thousands of other convenient uses.

That’s the power of the push button. And that’s the power of American Ingenuity.