Law enforcement agencies are turning to technology to help them do their jobs with greater efficiency.

Advanced technology affects every corner of society today. And it’s one of the biggest trends in law enforcement as well. As more law enforcement agencies are turning to high-tech solutions like Artificial Intelligence for 911 calls and super-rich data collection solutions for first responders in the field, their also discovering a growing need for more advanced security solutions throughout their organization.

That’s why America’s leading law enforcement agencies keep turning to American Locker. Our line of state-of-the-art Pistol Lockers, Personnel Lockers, Asset Lockers, Charging Lockers and Electronic Locker Systems are providing a whole new level of security and technology that helps law enforcement agencies do their jobs with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s an overview of just a few examples of security technologies that are being employed by law enforcement agencies that are following this significant 2019 trend.

Pistol Lockers. Maximum protection when needed most. Our key-operated Pistol Lockers protect firearms from inside and outside threats. Prevent unauthorized access with heavy-gauge construction and our proprietary, 16 million non-duplicative key code combinations. Padded shelf and holder protect firearms from damage during storage.

Charging Locker. Protect as you power up. Our 6-door charging locker keeps mobile devices secure and offers dedicated charging cords for all Android and IOS applications.

Electronic Locker System SS. These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save you time and costs of managing locker activity in your business. The Electronic Locker System SS gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track and reconcile locker activity via your dedicated administration portal.

Accessory Locker – Powered. Protect and Power Up Mobile Devices. The Accessory Locker – Powered secures storage to accommodate a range of phones and features recharging capabilities via a USB port or standard outlet in each locked compartment. Our proprietary keyed lock comes with 16 million, non-duplicative key code combinations.

Personnel Lockers. Our Personnel Lockers are the premier choice for law enforcement agencies. They’re constructed of all-welded painted steel and features our keyed lock with 16 million, non-duplicative key code combinations, welded hasp assembly or the 4-dial Keyless lock with resettable combinations.

Asset Lockers. Recognized for reliability. Our painted steel Asset Lockers are world-renowned for high-quality construction, secure locking mechanisms and fewer pry points. Built with electro-galvanized steel and in a variety of colors, this model has set the security standard throughout all industries. Features our proprietary keyed locks with 16 million, non-duplicative key code combinations.

 Our years of innovative American manufacturing have led us to create the widest range of customized solutions in the industry. Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.

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