Skating rinks, bowling alleys, civic centers, and water parks are finding new ways to monetize their old facilities.

America’s first amusement park was opened in 1846 in Bristol. The first public roller skating rink opened in 1866 in New York City. The first American bowling alley was opened in 1908 in Milwaukee. You might think these old stalwarts of public amusement had already discovered every conceivable way of turning guest visits into profits. Not so, thanks to a little American Ingenuity.

With the introduction of the Electronic Keyless Locker from American Locker, amusement parks and bowling alleys and thousands of other businesses that serve a steady stream of guests at their facilities have discovered how their security systems can provide a whole new host of services to their customers. And of course, new services mean new revenue streams.

Serving your customers has never been easier. Now when your guests need to rent a locker, they simply visit your kiosk using their cash or credit card, enter their own choice for a PIN number (one that they will easily remember), and go directly to their locker.

A dedicated keypad is installed on each locker that allows them to bypass the kiosk and go straight to their locker for as long as they are renting.

And with advanced features like charging lockers, your guests will happily pay extra when they know they can keep their phone charged at the same time they’re keeping it safe and secure.

But these advanced lockers are doing more than providing new services for guests. These features are also saving facilities a lot of money. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from these cost-saving, revenue generating features.

Eliminate the cost of replacing lost keys

Greatly reduce locker down-time

Advanced door design dramatically improves security

Greater convenience, less waiting in line, and no key to deal with make guests much happier

Innovative crowd management feature dispenses lockers in organized fashion for peak times

Flexibility for guests to relocate their locker from one location to another

Illuminated LCD screens with enhanced nighttime use

IP 67 Rated, engineered to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures


Our years of innovative American manufacturing have led us to create the widest range of customized solutions in the industry. Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.

American Locker. That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity.