Also known as Click and Collect Lockers, the BOPUS Locker gives consumers the ability to Buy Online and Pick Up in Store (BOPUS). 

Cyber Monday (Dec. 2, 2019) is the last official day of the long, deal-heavy Thanksgiving weekend. It gives consumers another chance to buy the last remaining items on their shopping list from the comfort of their home or office.

Cyber Monday is growing increasingly popular. According to Adobe Analytics, consumers spent $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday 2018, up from $6.59 billion in 2017.

According to, “Cyber Monday can be unpredictable, with deals popping up everywhere (and quickly disappearing) and retailers trying to out compete each other with the best pricing. Another complicating factor: While retailers announce their Black Friday plans weeks in advance in the form of ad scans, they announce their Cyber Monday plans in a mad rush starting the day after Black Friday.”

If you’re a retailer that sees all of this online shopping as a great opportunity, then you’re definitely interested in the BOPUS lockers from American Locker. That’s because a BOPUS locker allows your customers to order from your online store and then pick up their purchase at their convenience using our state-of-the-art Electronic Locker.

Better customer experience. Better business experience.

Getting your products into the hands of your customer (a.k.a. “last-mile delivery”) is normally the most expensive and frustrating part of e-commerce shopping. Not anymore — thanks to American Ingenuity.

Just imagine, a customer visits your online store to shop from the convenience of their home. With the American Locker Electronic BOPUS Locker System installed in your business location, you can now provide your online customers with 24/7 access to the products they purchase from your online store. They simply check out online and with the access information you provide, they go to the BOPUS locker at your location and pick up their purchase.

In-store customers who don’t find the product they’re looking for because it’s not available at that location can simply order your product from your website while still in your store and then return to your store later to pick up their purchase. The Electronic BOPUS Locker System from American Locker helps you retain valuable customers by providing high-end service and convenience at a relatively low cost to install.

Our Electronic Lockers are the ultimate solution for parcel collection, click and collect, and BOPUS locker solutions. These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save you time and money by making it easy to manage the locker activity for your retail business. We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Plus, sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track, and reconcile locker activity via a dedicated portal.

The Electronic BOPUS Locker System from American Locker is tried and tested, is wholly manufactured in the U.S.A., and offers years of reliable operation. These premium electronic, self-service delivery locker systems allow you to generate more sales for your business because they make it so easy for your customers to receive your goods. Plus, our BOPUS lockers differentiate you from your competition!


Electronic, keyless, self-service kiosk

Comprehensive locker activity management via online account

Secure locking mechanisms and fewer pry points for ultimate security

Finished-end panels and sloping tops

ADA Compliant

Install the Electronic BOPUS Locker System from American Locker in your business and start making more revenue with more customers now. That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity.