Old businesses are finding new ways to generate revenue by changing from coin-operated lockers to card-operated lockers – a modern solution for today’s increasingly cash-free economy.

With over 120 years of experience in engineering security solutions, American Locker has the privilege of serving customers in a variety of industries. Many of our customers are in new industries that are finding inventive ways to serve customers using our electronic locker solutions.

But it’s not just the emerging startups, with their need to serve evolving consumer demand, that are discovering new uses for our advanced locker solutions. Even businesses that have been around for decades are learning new ways to serve their customers and monetize those new services.

Consider InterSKATE. It is our privilege to support one of DFW’s premier roller rinks – a longtime favorite pastime for families – in their mission to become even more guest-friendly. In helping InterSKATE make the change from coin-operated lockers to card-operated lockers, American Locker was able to provide a modern solution for today’s increasingly cashless world.

Before switching to the electronic, card-only lockers, Luther Bernstein, owner and operator of InterSKATE, says he had several issues with the coin revenue sharing lockers. “They brought in money, sure,” Luther says, “but the weight of the coins, having to make change, empty them, store the money, convert to cash, it was all just too much.” And when that contract ended, Luther felt that the best thing he could do for his business would be to look for an alternative.

Late in 2016, the search began, and it wasn’t long before he contacted Pete Collins, VP of Sales for American Locker. Pete was no stranger to the roller rink industry himself, and has a reputation for problem solving and customer service.

“Working with Pete was great,” said Luther of the sales process. “It was quick and easy, and he really got what I was trying to do. Of course, the biggest problem with doing a switch-out was the cost, but Pete was really willing to come up with a solution for that.”

Pete describes the process similarly: “Luther is a really smart guy; he knows what he wants, and he goes for it.” Making sure that the lockers went in smoothly was the second challenge, and Pete took special care to check on the installation himself.

By late January 2017, the lockers were up and running, with more and more families taking advantage of the simple, seamless experience of being able to use their card and set a PIN to protect their belongings.

Six months later, when asked about the transition, Luther says, “It’s a no-brainer. I can’t believe I took so long, but now that the electronics are up and running, this has become one of the easiest parts of my business. I recommend them to everyone.”

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