The smart features engineered into these lockers will improve guest satisfaction and increase revenues for your company. 

Two big innovations now make it possible for businesses to generate new revenue, save money, and improve guest satisfaction: Keyless Lockers and Retrofitting.

Keyless lockers are breathing new life into old business.

With the revenue generating features of keyless lockers, amusement parks, skating rinks, bowling alleys, civic centers, athletic centers, and water parks are now finding new ways to monetize their old facilities. Keyless lockers provide features and advantages that improve the guest experience and create value that guests are more than happy to pay for.

Retrofitting is turning existing lockers into money makers.

American Locker’s keyless locker technology can be installed into existing lockers, creating new revenue generating opportunities for facility managers and administrators. Installing our new keyless locker technology into your existing lockers provides you with innovations that improve the guest experience and create new ways to monetize each guest visit.

Better guest experience. Better business experience.

We’ve made it affordable and easy through retrofitting to capitalize on the revenue generating features of our keyless lockers.

— Eliminate the cost of replacing lost keys

— Greatly reduce locker down-time

— Advanced door design dramatically improves security

— Greater convenience, less waiting in line, and no key to deal with makes guests much happier

— Pricing management feature allows for “surge-pricing” price adjustments based on real-time demand

— Innovative crowd management feature disperses lockers in organized fashion for peak times

— Flexibility for guests to relocate their locker from one location to another

— Illuminated LCD screens with enhanced night time use

— IP67 Rated, engineered to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures


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