Many of our lockers come with features that are designed to help you better monetize your relationship with your guests and customers.         

Serving your customers has never been easier. It all starts with one of our Electronic Locker Solutions. When you choose an Electronic Locker Solution, you’re choosing true American Ingenuity. Just imagine, in the future, when your guests need to rent a locker, they’ll simply visit your kiosk using their cash or credit card, enter their own choice for a PIN number (one that they will easily remember), and go directly to their locker. A dedicated keypad is installed on each locker that allows them to bypass the kiosk and go straight to their locker for as long as they are renting. That future is now.

Our Electronic Lockers are the ultimate solution for guest storage, parcel collection, click and collect and asset security. The mechanical design is tried and tested and wholly manufactured in the USA, offering your business with years of reliable operation.

These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save you time and money by making it easy to manage the locker activity in your business. We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Plus, sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track and reconcile locker activity via your dedicated account at our online portal.

We’ve made it affordable and easy to capitalize on the revenue generating features of our Electronic Locker Solutions.

• Eliminate the cost of replacing lost keys

• Greatly reduce locker down-time

• Advanced door design dramatically improves security

• Greater convenience, less waiting in line, and no key to deal with makes guests much happier

• Pricing management feature allows for “surge-pricing” price adjustments based on real-time demand

• Innovative crowd management feature disperses lockers in organized fashion for peak times

• Flexibility for guests to relocate their locker from one location to another

• Illuminated LCD screens with enhanced night time use

• IP67 Rated, engineered to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures

American Locker. That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity.