This season, millennials are discovering how easy it is to hit the slopes and leave all their cares securely behind them in an electronic locker.

According to the Seattle Times, the ski and snowboard industry is healthy — at least for now. But there is concern throughout the snow sports industry about the millennials, as the baby boomers and generation Xers get older. Marketing ski resorts to the millennials is a unique challenge.

“The industry is extremely healthy, we’ve been really consistent for a long time,” said Michael Reitzell, president of the California Ski Industry Association. “But we’re not like hotels, we’re not building new properties, and millennials, and even gen Xers, are going less often, less days per year than the previous generation.”

One of the key insights into marketing more effectively to millennials lies in the ski resort’s use of technology. Heavenly Mountain Resort, owned by Vail Resorts, is reaching out to millennials by teaming with Tahoe Mountain Lab to “re-imagine the definition of ‘work hard, play hard’.”

They have implemented an on-mountain shared workspace, about 600- square feet, with Wi-Fi for remote professionals who want to take a few calls before returning to the mountain office.

They are making an impression with millennials using technology in unique ways. For example, their guests can tour the mountain with a certified ski and ride instructor while learning how to use a borrowed GoPro camera to capture their adventure.

“Millennials are attached to their technology,” Reitzell advises. “Resorts should tie that in with what they do; it helps people decide what resort they choose. They like to post photos and videos, and they might get service at certain places, and that affects their decisions.”

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