Lockers can improve your relationship with your customers by delivering the goods, as well as your brand’s message.

For many retailers, locker solutions have become an integral part of their business. Thanks to the advanced technology engineered into electronic locker systems, today’s retailers can provide a wide range of revenue-generating services for their customers.

Charging lockers make it convenient and easy for shoppers to charge their cell phones, tablets, and laptops while they spend time shopping in the retailer’s store.

BOPUS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store) lockers make it possible for shoppers to find what they are looking for from a retailer’s online inventory and then have it delivered conveniently to be picked up at the retailer’s store.

Grocery stores can use refrigerated lockers to allow their customers to call in orders or make purchases online, and then pick up those orders from their grocer at their convenience.

Considering the central role that lockers play in connecting retailers and their products with customers and their purchases, it only makes sense that those lockers should be considered true company representatives — genuine brand ambassadors.

And thanks to the brilliance of Locker Wraps, it’s easy for retailers to ensure a positive brand experience for every customer that does business with them through their lockers.

Locker Wraps provide the ultimate in flexibility and utility. Virtually any image or message can be imprinted on a locker. With a Locker Wrap, a company can wrap their locker with their logo, precisely matching their brand’s colors. But a Locker Wrap can do so much more.

For a florist, a Locker Wrap can be emblazoned with photos of flowers.

For a clothing store, the latest season’s fashions can be on display.

For a warehouse club-retailer, a strategic message that reminds shoppers about the benefits of being a member can emphasize the value of their brand.

For an athletic store, the locker can be wrapped in images of athletes in action.

In every case, as the customer approaches the locker, they get more than the items they are retrieving; they get a memorable message from the brand. That’s American Ingenuity.