We’re helping holiday shoppers protect as they power up with our 6-door Charging Locker that keeps mobile devices secure and offers dedicated charging cords for all Android and IOS applications. 

All those shoppers waiting in line to pay for their purchases at your store. Talking on their phones. Running down their batteries. If only there was a convenient way to charge their phones while they shop. There is. It’s called American Ingenuity.

According to the 2017 Holiday Shopping Report, 32% of shoppers are looking for better in-store customer service. Consumers reported on their holiday shopping habits, whether they would be using their mobile devices during their trip, and how they felt about their overall shopping experience.

Responses were collected from more than 1,000 shoppers at malls across the country using phone charging stations.

It’s obvious. Shoppers want better customer service while they shop. When shoppers were asked what could have improved their holiday shopping experience, 32% said better customer service. Other responses included cheaper items (22%), more parking (12%), better product selection (10%), and fewer crowds (6%).

Shopping can be hectic this time of year for both the shopper and the retailer. It is essential that retailers make sure their staff is equipped to help shoppers and make their trip more enjoyable. That’s where the American Locker Charging Locker comes in.

With American Locker’s Charging Locker installed in your retail establishment, now your customers can take their time shopping without having to worry about rushing back to their cars before their phones run out of juice.

It’s an all-in-one solution, made in America. It accepts credit cards and has completely configurable rental periods from 15 minutes up to a day. The dollar amount that it accepts is completely configurable, too. The Charging Locker can also be vinyl wrapped and branded to your business. Whether your business is a retail outlet, club, casino, water park, theme park, ski lodge, restaurant, or bar — improve guest satisfaction, reduce customer anxiety, and open up a new revenue stream for your business.

That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity. That’s American Locker.