“Low battery anxiety”? It’s the stress we all feel that is inversely proportional to the % below the 20% charge on your cell phone.

Running out of battery power for your mobile device is a real problem that creates real anxiety: Lose your power and you lose your GPS. You lose your ability to call for an Uber. You lose your connection to Instagram. These days, consumers are in an ongoing hunt for a place to charge up. That’s why smart retailers, restaurants, and service industry businesses are turning to American Locker.

With our unique Charging Locker, guests can protect their valuable mobile devices at the same time they power up. Our 6-door charging locker keeps mobile devices secure and offers dedicated charging cords for all Android and IOS applications.

Our complete “all-in-one solution” accepts credit and debit cards (the business owner sets the rate) using Wi-Fi enabled credit card processing. Customizable rental periods are configurable, from 15 minutes up to 8 hours. This innovative solution provides businesses with a way to generate new revenue and increase guest satisfaction.

Cell phone and tablet low battery life is unavoidable in smartphones and mobile devices running apps, making calls, using Wi-Fi, and running fast processors. Thanks to American Locker, businesses can make some money and save their guests from that insecure feeling they inevitably get when their battery starts to run down.

Invented here. Made here. That’s American Ingenuity.