Guest Cell Phone Charging Lockers from American Locker

Low Battery an Issue for Visitors?

Do you suffer from “low battery anxiety”? Of course we all do, our stress is seemingly inversely proportional to the % below 20% charge your smart device is currently at. The more we use our enabled devices, the more they integrate into our lives the more we depend on them. We are launching our line of i-Charge Electronic Rental Lockers for guest cell phone and tablet charging.


American Locker i-Charge

Its an all in one solution, made in America, accept credit cards, completely configurable rental periods from 15 minutes up to a day, completely configurable $$ rate. The i-Charge also be vinyl wrapped and branded to your business. Whether your business is a club, casino, water park, theme park, ski lodge, restaurant or bar – improve guest satisfaction, reduce their anxiety and open up a new revenue stream.


Cell Tablet Charging Locker
American Locker i-Charge