Water parks, theme parks, and amusement parks are gearing up for the summer with Electronic Locker Solutions for their guests.

Summer is just around the corner. And with that sunshine comes the unavoidable impulse to head outdoors and enjoy all that sunshine that has been obscured by Winter’s overcast skies and Spring’s rainy days. People want to feel the sun shining on their faces. And they want to bask in the warm embrace of the summer sun while celebrating its life-affirming energy at their local water park, theme park, or amusement park.

For the owners and managers of all those amusement parks and water parks, Summer means it’s time to meet and beat financial projections. It’s time to be prepared to capitalize on all that natural, sun-inspired attendance. Of course, they also are dealing with an increase in competition for all those guests. And this year’s guests always expect more than last year’s guests.

If you’re a park owner or manager, don’t get left high and dry this summer. Get your water park, theme park, or amusement park ready for guests with an Electronic Locker Solution that maximizes revenue with every guest visit.

We know your guests expect more from your guest locker than a place to secure their belongings while they enjoy the park. They expect to use their locker to charge their cell phones. They don’t want to have to use a key to lock and unlock the locker. They expect to use a keypad with a PIN code that’s easy for them to remember. If they have to move around the park, they expect to be able to transfer their locker from one location to another.

We can help you meet your customers’ increased expectations and exceed your own expectations. All of these expectations are revenue-generating opportunities when you install lockers from our Advanced Line. Our engineers have anticipated your customers’ demands and have designed lockers that let you deliver all the services your customers want. And best of all, they let you charge for those valued services. Bring on the sunshine!

That’s American Ingenuity. That’s American Locker.