Electronic Parcel Lockers for Parcel Carriers


The dramatic expansion of the eCommerce landscape calls for innovation in the way post and parcel industry is operating. Besides this, there are several other factors like the continuously growing numbers of middle-class consumers, increasing urbanization, globally higher standards of living, etc., which make it imperative to revisit current logistics. In such scenarios, electronic parcel lockers can offer significant relief for the industry in every aspect, be it meeting the ever-changing needs of the consumers or offering services to their satisfaction. While delivery continues to be an arduous task for a lot of e-merchants, many others are adopting parcel lockers for the last-mile fulfilment of consumers. Here’s how the postal industry can benefit by incorporating electronic parcel lockers into their network.


Boost in their image

Since the parcel lockers are available beyond the usual hours, customers will have the freedom to collect anytime they find convenient, even after working hours. This will also resolve the consumers’ concern of failed delivery which happens to be one of the key reasons behind not purchasing online. All-in-all, the post and parcel industry will be able to serve better and have a positive boost in its image along with the e-merchants. It will further ensure that online shopping is a pleasant experience for all.


i-Parcel electronic locker system from American Locker

Enhanced performance

Post and parcel industry’s need to up their performance game has become critical, more than ever. Some technological or physical advancement should be in place which not only improves cost control, quicker delivery, etc. but also helps them have greater control over their operations. Electronic parcel lockers are a bespoke solution with which the industry can improve its performance and all those involved can have real-time access to essential information.


Refined workflows

With parcel lockers, it becomes extremely easy to meet the consumers’ need for quick delivery. When the fulfilment will be accelerated, it will reduce costs of land, labor and time, enhance revenues and most importantly refine the workflows. From dispatch to the delivery, everything will be connected and there will be no gaps. Furthermore, the efficiency that the industry had always wanted will see the light of the day.

To conclude, when consumers reap all the above-mentioned advantages, they will continue to support the brand which implies POSITIVE WOM and MORE BUSINESS for e-merchants which when looked at, definitely means more success for the post and parcel industry.


Why American Locker?

American Locker and Smartbox is an end-to-end enterprise-grade parcel locker technology which is also customizable based on your specific business needs. We enable eCommerce, omnichannel retail entities and end customers across geographies to get the maximum benefits from the solution. We bring in a holistic solution to your business which includes modular hardware, software, professional services and consulting.