The dramatic expansion of the eCommerce landscape is radically changing the way the post and parcel industry is operating. 

The dramatic expansion of the eCommerce landscape calls for innovation in the way the post and parcel industry operates. There are several factors, like the continually growing number of middle-class consumers, increasing urbanization, and globally higher standards of living, which make it imperative for post and parcel businesses to revisit their current logistics.

Today, electronic parcel lockers can offer significant relief for the industry. The latest innovations in electronic lockers are rising to the challenge of the ever-changing needs of consumers and providing services to meet their growing expectations.

While delivery continues to be a challenge for many e-merchants, others are now installing electronic parcel lockers for last-mile order fulfillment for their customers. There are several ways the postal industry can benefit from incorporating electronic parcel lockers into their network.

Boost their image. Since electronic parcel lockers are available outside the normal business hours, customers have the freedom to collect their packages anytime it’s convenient, 24/7. This resolves the leading concern consumers have with purchasing online – failed delivery. By ensuring that online shopping is a pleasant experience for all, the post and parcel industry can serve customers better and boost its image, along with that of the e-merchants they work with.

Enhanced performance. More than ever, the post and parcel industry’s need to improve its performance has become critical. Thanks to the innovations engineered into our electronic parcel lockers, the post and parcel industry now has technological and physical advancements that not only improve cost control and speed delivery cycles, but also provide greater control over their operations. Electronic parcel lockers are a state-of-the-art solution that improves performance by providing real-time access to essential information.

Refined workflows. With electronic parcel lockers, it’s easy to meet consumers’ need for quick delivery. Through accelerated fulfillment, parcel carriers can reduce costs of land, labor and time; enhance revenues; and most importantly, refine the workflows. From dispatch to delivery, everything is connected, and the gaps are filled. What’s more, the efficiency that this industry has dreamed of is now a reality.

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