With parcel locker solutions that can be managed by the residents, many property managers are opting to save time and money by giving the residents the keys.

According to the CBRE US Real Estate Market Outlook, adoption of tech is rapid across all areas of the industry and there is no doubt that technology will continue to infiltrate every aspect of the lifestyle at both work and home—multi-family being the latest target. Darren Wesemann, EVP & Chief Innovation Officer at Berkadia, believes “the overall trend in multi-family tech is ‘digital transformation,’ meaning the evolution of manual overhead into more efficient operations, elimination of paper, and adoption of frictionless processes.”

Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director at DreamIt, feels “the biggest trend is probably the change in mindset: No one is skeptical of tech’s potential to change their business anymore. Pretty much everyone accepts that it is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather the questions are now ‘what’ and ‘when.’”

If you want to learn the answers to those questions, just ask the engineers at American Locker. Through their recent innovations with keyless electronic lockers, American Locker is helping the multi-family housing industry find new ways to monetize every resident while providing amazing increases in resident satisfaction through improved personalized services.

With a little American Ingenuity from American Locker, multi-family housing managers can now offer their residents safe, secure and convenient lockers that allow their customers to pick up their packages as fast as they can be delivered. And they can pick up those purchases at any time of day that it’s convenient to the resident.

American Locker also provides multi-family housing managers with laundry/dry cleaning lockers. These state-of-the-art, digital lockers allow residents to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning at any time when using the 24/7 secure drop box — the Digital Locker System from American Locker. When residents’ garments are ready, they’ll receive the dry cleaner’s notification to pick up their dry cleaning at their convenience, using the Digital Locker System.

Introducing Electronic Locker Solutions. The Electronic Locker is a modular and expandable solution developed especially for easy drop off and pick up services. The system is maintenance free and functionality can be managed locally. Security of data is of primary concern and the system is fully compliant with all data protection standards.

• Automatic notification via text message or email
• 2D Barcode scanner
• Transactional USB fisheye camera
• The Electronic Locker system is available 24/7
• Expandable and fully configurable
• Can be configured to suit your layout and space requirements

These electronic, self-service kiosk systems save you the time and costs of managing locker activity in multi-family housing businesses. The Electronic Locker delivers the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of applications and configurations. Sophisticated backend reporting makes it easy to manage, track, and reconcile locker activity via a dedicated administration portal.

Lockers aren’t just for security any more. State-of-the-art technology turns these products into revenue generators. Innovations in our keyless lockers, coupled with management software, are improving the resident experience and creating new ways for multi-family housing businesses to meet the demands of their residents and compete in this increasingly complex marketplace.

That’s American Ingenuity. That’s American Locker.