Installing new technology into their existing lockers provides parks like these with innovations that improve the guest experience and create new ways to monetize each guest visit.

With the revenue generating features of keyless lockers, amusement parks, skating rinks, bowling alleys, civic centers, athletic centers, resort hotels, and water parks are now finding new ways to monetize their old facilities.

Keyless lockers provide features and advantages that improve the guest experience and create value that guests are more than happy to pay for. And thanks to the innovators at American Locker, now these businesses can update their existing lockers with the state-of-the-art technology of keyless lockers through retrofitting.

American Locker has been providing innovative solutions for amusement parks and resort hotels for decades. Whether we’re installing complete, Electronic Locker Solutions or we’re retrofitting existing locker systems, American Locker is the company businesses like these can turn to for American Ingenuity.

Trampoline Parks

Since 2013, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has turned to American Locker for security solutions that enhance the guest experience.  We quickly became Sky Zone’s “Preferred” vendor for lockers in 2014. Today, we’re such an integral part of their business, our Advanced Line Electronic Lockers are written into their “Design Standards” and provided to all Franchise Partners.

Water Parks

Since 2005, Solutions for Leisure has been distributing American Locker coin-metered Asset Lockers in hotels and most recently assisted American Locker in providing our advanced line electronic lockers to Generator Hostels in Miami Beach, FL.


Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, a customer since 2015, opted for our Electronic Locker System and then requested a unique customization.  As requested, we monitored the guest interaction with the locker system and made modifications to the software application based on the level of inebriation of their guests.

Winter Parks

When you go skiing in the Northeastern United States, chances are, you’ll be stowing your gear in a Pace Locker. Pace has been a distributor for American Locker since 1999, installing our advanced line electronic locker system in ski resorts all across the state of New York and the Northeastern United States.


American Locker. That’s 120 years of American Ingenuity.