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Smart Locker Systems

A smart locker system is a storage system with integrated technology built in. Premium locker services like automated package delivery, mobile notifications, and distribution are now possible.

Consumers’ shopping habits are altering as a result of smart lockers. More retailers are seeing the benefits of integrating a smart locker system into their store pickup services in light of increased consumer desire for convenience and flexibility in how they pick up a package or online order.

In this post, we’ll explain what smart lockers are and how they may assist organizations solve difficulties. We’ll also take a look at some of the advantages of using smart retail parcel lockers, both for the merchant and for the customer. Understanding how smart lockers work and what role they play in the retail environment might help you grasp how this locker technology is changing the way you buy.
A smart locker is a storage system with integrated technology that allows package delivery, notification, and distribution to be automated. The recipient is automatically notified that their package is available for pickup and given access instructions after it is delivered into a smart locker system. Access instructions are usually in the form of a scannable access code, order number, or barcode. When they arrive at the locker location, the user inputs their verification information on the kiosk touch screen or uses a mobile app to access their allotted locker. The door to the relevant locker will open if the verification information is entered correctly, and the customer will be able to retrieve their package.

Intelligent Electronic Lockers

Retailers may choose to use a smart locker system for a variety of reasons. Smart locker systems are capable of doing a wide range of tasks that would normally be performed by one or more people. This increases store efficiency while lowering operating costs. Retailers who employ smart locker systems can save money in multiple areas of their business.
An automated smart locker, unlike a typical parcel delivery locker, uses a pin number and kiosk screen for easy access to the compartment.

Electronic lockers, for example, considerably lower the labor costs associated with providing buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) services. After retrieving an order and delivering it to the locker system, a retail assistant can return to other activities in the store. A typical BOPIS in retail, on the other hand, entails a staff member aiding with each step of the transaction.

Retailers can potentially save money on shipments by using an electronic locker system. Using a smart locker system to offer a purchase online, pick-up in locker (BOPIL) service in addition to curbside pickup allows retailers to take advantage of their store’s inventory and logistics network to swiftly fulfill online orders. Consumers benefit from quicker access to their online orders (order fulfillment is typically faster than even the most expedited shipping services), while retailers profit from a 90 percent delivery cost reduction. In this related blog post, learn more about the differences between BOPIS and BOPIL offerings.

Offering any type of in-store pickup option is, of course, useful to retailers. According to a recent McKinsey & Company survey, 60% of users are likely to continue using BOPIS long after the pandemic has passed. Consider the importance of in-store pickup services for Lowe’s, where the store pickup option accounts for 60% of all online transactions. Many customers at Lowe’s and elsewhere appreciate the value and convenience of online shopping, but if given the choice, would prefer to pick up their order in person. To assist better manage the flood of BOPIS orders, Lowe’s is installing package lockers in all 1,700 of their shops by March 2021.

Customers who opt for in-store pickup may be concerned about their purchase’s security. Package theft is getting more widespread, especially as more and more of our purchasing is done online. Retailers are starting to adopt an electronic locker system to provide a secure storage solution that allows them to fulfill orders faster while also providing customers with greater security and the flexibility to retrieve products at their leisure.

The most significant benefit of using an electronic locker system is that it can speed up the order pickup procedure.
Locker systems aren’t meant to replace BOPIS or home delivery; rather, they’re designed to make pickup simple, efficient, and frictionless. Both store employees and customers benefit from the convenience and efficiency. Staff may enter orders rapidly into the system without having to go through the added step of informing the customer.