Unlocking the problem of key management

i-Keysafe KSL-48

For many facilities managers, security staff and business owners the issue of key management is a frequent headache. Keys lost or not returned results in costs to productivity and time. The days of a sign in/out sheet and a locked box has passed. key security and management has evolved taking advantage of cutting edge RFID technology. Secure key storage means that you decide who gets access to what and when, the i-Keysafe takes care of managing that for you. With a full suite of reports you know exactly who had access to what, when and for how long.

Intelligent and secure electronic key management systems from American Locker are the solution. Store and manage your facility shared keys with full RFID tracking and three stage security. Fully and completely user configurable and customizable, any number of keys can be securely managed, certified key safe versions are also available.

Access to the key management cabinet can be by pin code, RFID or NFI employee or security access card or by fingerprint.

Problems around key control

  • The keys get accessed and used by unauthorized persons
  • Keys get borrowed
  • Keys get lost and found by unauthorized people
  • Individuals often forget to return keys
  • Items may be accessed by external staff
  • If more than one person is entitled to use a certain key and it is taken, who knows where the key is at the time?


i-Keysafe Modern Key Safe Solution

  • RFID managed access control system for keys and valuables
  • illuminated key positions make finding keys very easy
  • Secure access via a user-friendly touch PIN-pad and card reader
  • Return any key to any open key position and the system will remember the new position
  • Computer provides access to full records and reports
  • Keysafe helps reduce costs – less lost keys lead to lower expenses and higher security
  • Improves efficiency and ISO compliant
  • Key access is fully monitored and controlled


American Locker i-Keysafe Features

Embedded computer with touch screen (on-screen PINpad)

–  4h backup battery

–  electric motor driven key position latches

–  combined multi protocol card reader, supports both EM and

Mifare the same time

–  steel case, freel door with transparent plexi glass (full

metal door can be chosen)

–  Ethernet  and WiFi connectivity

–  Key Management Software included with lifetime

i-Keysafe Range