Smart Parcel Lockers – The Solution to Multi-Family Housing Package Management

i-Parcel from American Locker


i-Parcel from American Locker


The exponential rise of e-commerce has brought along the concern of parcel management for multi-family housing apartments. In the past, the collection of packages on residents’ behalf used to be a matter of minutes for property managers. But, over time, it has started to not only consume a major chunk of their day but also occupy a lot of space in their offices.

On an average, multi-family establishments and apartment communities receive over 100 packages per week. The number can shoot up to 200 and above during holidays, festivals and sales leading to many hours spent by property managers in package management.

As residents continue to enjoy the convenience of ordering an item of their choice from the comfort of their home and getting it delivered at their doorstep by just moving their fingers, it is becoming all the more difficult to manage space and time for the property managers. What started as a free perk for residents has now turned into their minimum expectation and more importantly, an alarming situation for property managers. How do they manage the ‘heap or parcels’ lying in their offices without having to spend a major part of their day in collecting, recording, reminding and even delivering?

Package management through Smart Lockers

With smart lockers, property owners and managers can heave a sigh of relief. This solution is designed to enable effective management of time, staff and space while improving the residents’ experience.  Implemented by gated communities all across the globe, here’s how it works:  

Step 1 – Deliverer drops the package in respective locker after scanning a bar code

Step 2 – Resident buyer is notified via text, email or call with an OTP or PIN which is required to retrieve the package

Step 3 ­ – Resident collects the package at his/her convenience

While a minimal involvement might be required for goodwill, it wouldn’t be as hectic as usual, rest assured. Implementing smart lockers for package management can free more time of property managers for resident engagement. Designed especially to reduce the amount spent on sorting packages, smart lockers are customizable, scalable & guarantee utmost safety.


Benefits of using Smart Lockers for Package Management

1). Secure package delivery – With a smart locker, one can rest assured that the package will be safe and secure. There will be little or no chances of the package getting misplaced or someone else accessing the locker as only the purchaser gets a unique OTP/PIN which can open the locker.

2). Reduce operational cost – As far as multi-family gated societies are concerned, smart locker is the most feasible solution as it helps the property managers free their time and office space of unwanted storage.

3). Available 24/7 – Smart lockers can be accessed 24/7, so that there are no issues and gaps throughout the process, right from delivery to collection. Every step is foolproof and every party involved is kept informed at every stage.

4). Scalable & customizable – Depending on the size and occupants of the area, smart lockers can be scaled, configured and customized as per requirement.