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American Locker i-Charge Solution

Coming soon from American locker, guest rental cell phone and tablet charging locker. Complete “all in one solution” accept credit and debit cards, you set the rate….wifi enabled credit card processing. Rental periods customizable configurable from 15 minutes up to 8 hours. Short payback time and increased guest satisfaction.

The Cell Phone Problem – low battery

Cell phone and tablet low battery life is unavoidable in smartphones and devices running apps, making calls, using Wi-Fi, and a fast processor all need support from a powerful battery. As a generation of smartphone users, we have all been through those times where our GPS died on us because our phone ran out of power.  How many of us experience dread as the power drops below 20%.  Or maybe your important phone call with your client comes to an abrupt halt.  As a leisure business owner, what if a customer’s phone battery has run out and they cannot find a place to charge it conveniently? Would they still be willing and interested to stay on your premises without the their phone or tablet?

Cell Tablet Charging Locker

American Locker i-Charge

i-Charge Options

Up to 60 openings supported from single interface. Volume discounts available, customizable colors or your corporate branding in vinyl wrap. Available with wall mounting or optional stand alone pedestal.


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